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Wednesday Open Thread | Administration Seeks to Cut Off 3 MILLION From Food Stamps😠😠

They never stop. They never stop trying to harm the least of these in this society. Never ever forget: The Cruelty IS the Point As one of our loyal posters points out, they’ll do this, and then turn around talking … Continue reading

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Nuns On The Bus: First Stop Des Moines, Iowa | Mitt’s On A Boat: Next Stop Dubuque, Iowa!

Just getting around to posting about these courageous Sister of faith. Here’s a recap of the issue: Vatican Report on US Catholic Nuns EXCERPT AND VIDEO: BOB ABERNETHY, host: The Vatican released a major report this week cracking down on … Continue reading

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Mary Franson, Minnesota GOP Representative Compares Food Stamp Recipients To Feeding Wild Animals

Remind you of anyone? *Hint* YOU BETCHA!  Cloning at its worst…. DELIVER US FROM THE MADDNESS — AGAINST SEXUAL ABUSE OF CHILDREN BUT DON’T FEED THEM? MAJOR FAIL! Rep. Mary Franson compares food stamp recipients to animals and MNGOP pulls the video … Continue reading

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