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Photo Gallery: Civil Rights Icon Julian Bond through the years

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Breaking News: Julian Bond, civil rights icon has passed away

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President Obama Speaks at the NAACP Convention

The President will speak at the NAACP Convention today. NAACP ANNUAL CONVENTION: PURSUING LIBERTY IN THE FACE OF INJUSTICE In Philadelphia.

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Black History | FBI investigates claim suspects in 1946 Georgia mass lynching may be alive

US authorities are investigating whether some of those responsible for one of the American south’s most notorious mass lynchings are still alive, in an attempt to finally bring prosecutions over the brutal unsolved killings. FBI agents have questioned a man … Continue reading

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Black History | Herbert Lee | NAACP member killed for registering voters

Herbert Lee was a 42 year old a dairy farmer and father of nine children in Amite County. He had been a member of the NAACP since the early 1950s. When SNCC voting rights activists started working in Amite and … Continue reading

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NAACP Ask DOJ for a Special Review of #Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson

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Black History | Myrlie Evers-Williams

Myrlie Evers-Williams (born March 17, 1933) is a civil rights activist and journalist who worked for over three decades to seek justice for the murder of her civil rights activist husband Medgar Evers in 1963. She was also chairwoman of … Continue reading

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Video | Julian Bond Calls Out the GOP’s Faux IRS Outrage: Surprise; IT’S SELECTIVE!

Yes; the GOP’s FAKE scandal are not holding any weight with the Americnas who ACTUALLY voted for and got Barack Obama RE-ELECTED. At 3 Chics, we aren’t fooled. This IRS nonsense is a load of horsehit. The Teabagger’s whole purpose … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Throws Shade On Blacks After Addressing NAACP : IF “THEY” (THE BLACKS) Want More Free Stuff; Vote For The Other Guy”

Not gonna work, Mitt Romney.  A multitude of Black folks got your number.  Your Mormonism is showing.  You know how those “evil” blacks are, don’t you? Watch the video here.        ROMNEY ADVISES NAACP TOO VOTE OBAMA IF THEY WANT MORE STUFF … Continue reading

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Photos: NAACP Protest Rally 4 Trayvon Martin

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