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Video | Donald Trump, Scam Artist: KARMA’s Coming to Collect In the Form of $40 Million FRAUD Suit

KARMA’S A BITCH, DONALD YOU’RE A FRAUD! BIRTHER KING Donald Trump sued by New York Attorney General for phony Scam TRUMP University. Attorney  General Eric Schneiderman is taking on Donald  Trump in a new $40 million lawsuit. Schneiderman’s office accuses … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s BIG BAIN CAPITAL LIE & Outsourcing U.S. Jobs: The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

*Mitt Romney Stayed at Bain 3 Years Longer Than He Stated* From the Boston Globe: Mitt Romney stayed at Bain 3 years longer than he stated Firm’s 2002 filings identify him as CEO, though he said he left in 1999 … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Throws Shade On Blacks After Addressing NAACP : IF “THEY” (THE BLACKS) Want More Free Stuff; Vote For The Other Guy”

Not gonna work, Mitt Romney.  A multitude of Black folks got your number.  Your Mormonism is showing.  You know how those “evil” blacks are, don’t you? Watch the video here.        ROMNEY ADVISES NAACP TOO VOTE OBAMA IF THEY WANT MORE STUFF … Continue reading

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UPDATE WITH VIDEO Mitt Romney’s speech to the NAACP won’t be able to hide that he’s consistently opposed policies that helped African American communities, including the Recovery Act, auto rescue, and expanded access to quality, affordable health care. Now, Romney … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Holds A Town Hall Meeting: Key Questions He SHOULD Answer

Right NOW, thi sis the only clip of Romney’s TOWN HALL on his web site. FULL AUDIO HERE: If his remarks today in Colorado are any indication, Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it. There’s a stark difference between where he … Continue reading

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Judge Kenneth Lester Revokes George Zimmerman’s Bond| In 48 Hours; Go Directly To Jail!

George Zimmerman back to jail for ‘falsehoods.’ Will they influence trial? In revoking the bond, Judge Lester said Zimmerman, who is currently in hiding, shouldn’t be able to benefit from “material falsehoods.” The judge also immediately placed Zimmerman under a … Continue reading

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Video| Mitt Romney Slithers His Way Through Lansing, MI | Lies & Distortions Abound!

Care to take a crack at the lies, anyone?

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Video | Diane Sawyer Interviews Mitt Romney| Message To President Obama: “START PACKING”

Full interview Later tonight Diane Sawyer will air her exclusive interview with Mitt Romney. The full transcript is online now, and I wanted to flag this particular exchange, where Romney cannot give a straight answer on whether or not he … Continue reading

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Governor Bob ” Trans Vaggie Probe” McDonnell Claims Private Sector Responsible For VA Job Growth & Women’s Reproductive Rights…Well Jobs Come First…REALLY?

Bob McDonnell & the rest of the WHITE, STRAIGHT, RICH, MALES wants US to BELIEVE (WOMEN) that we are more concerned with jobs, the economy, and the debt for our children, than the FREEDOM to control our own BODIES. GTFOH … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney, Do You Really Want To Go *Here* On Making Up A RELIGION?

U.S. President Barack Obama bows his head in prayer during the Easter Prayer Breakfast at the White House April 4, 2012 in Washington, DC. The annual Easter Prayer Breakfast brings together Christian leaders from across the United States to celebrate … Continue reading

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