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H/T  BWD.  Thank you! NO VIDEOS, NO CARTOONS, NO PHOTOS, NO MUSIC.  READ & STUDY, FOLKS! Here’s What’s Really Happened To The Private Sector Under Obama READ ON And Here Are The Charts That Will Get Obama Reelected… Good information … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Cops; LET ME! Stay Tuned For Teachers & Fireman Takeover

I know the weekend is coming, but I could not resist posting this thread. Below is a video of Mitt Romney’s response to President Obama’s press conference today on the economy. DEAR LORD; DELIVER US FROM EVIL See Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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Video & Photos | President Obama Speaks On Congress “To Do List” At Honeywell Facility In Golden Valley, MN

Upated We’ll post FULL video when available. ************************ Congress’ To Do List 1. Reward American Jobs, Eliminate Tax Incentives To Ship Jobs Overseas: Congress needs to attract and keep good jobs in the United States by passing legislation that gives … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s BROKEN PROMISES | Examining Romney’s Massachusetts Governor Economic Record Claims

Mitt Romney, “Corporate Buy-out Specialist” (LOL) I love this title, has consistently claimed that his business experience taught him lessons that will result in economic growth for the country.  Let’s examine his claims, shall we? CHECK OUT THE NEW ONLINE … Continue reading

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Governor Bob ” Trans Vaggie Probe” McDonnell Claims Private Sector Responsible For VA Job Growth & Women’s Reproductive Rights…Well Jobs Come First…REALLY?

Bob McDonnell & the rest of the WHITE, STRAIGHT, RICH, MALES wants US to BELIEVE (WOMEN) that we are more concerned with jobs, the economy, and the debt for our children, than the FREEDOM to control our own BODIES. GTFOH … Continue reading

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