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Thursday Open Thread | They Are Coming For Your Reproductive Rights😠😠

The GOP is coming for reproductive rights. Make no mistake on that. The recently passed bills in Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, and pretty much anywhere where the GOP is in charge of the State House. Revealed: 21,000 US women order abortion … Continue reading

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Women Leave GOP for Obama & Other Mitt Romney “FAIL”

Meanwhile, in response to a question about access to abortion services for rape victims, Paul Ryan explained his position to WJL-TV in VA: “I’m very proud of my pro-life record. I’ve always adopted the idea, the position, that the method … Continue reading

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RYAN-ATKIN-ROMNEY Platform Strikingly Similar

Education: Obama for America is out today with a new TV spot titled “Children” that highlights the clear choice for voters between Mitt Romney and President Obama’s vision for public education. “Children” will air in Virginia and Ohio on Thursday: … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan: A GENERAL in the GOP War on Women

Updated with video Cynthia Tucker lays it out on Ryan-Akin

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Video | John Boehner Pleading For Cheese To Go With His WHINE *WARNING* FAKE RAGE ALERT!!

House Speaker John Boehner throws a tantrum on the House floor today, while denying that his GOP is not declaring a WAR ON WOMEN AND FOR THE RECORD… Here Johnnie boy, the cheese is on 3 Chics!

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Governor Bob ” Trans Vaggie Probe” McDonnell Claims Private Sector Responsible For VA Job Growth & Women’s Reproductive Rights…Well Jobs Come First…REALLY?

Bob McDonnell & the rest of the WHITE, STRAIGHT, RICH, MALES wants US to BELIEVE (WOMEN) that we are more concerned with jobs, the economy, and the debt for our children, than the FREEDOM to control our own BODIES. GTFOH … Continue reading

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A Message to Planned Parenthood Supporters from President Obama

“Women are not an interest group. They are mothers and daughters and sisters and wives. They are one-half of this country, and are perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health.” “If you truly value families, you shouldn’t … Continue reading

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Terry England (R) Georgia Representative Compares Women to Farm Animals| In The Name of The FETUS

Terry England compares women to cows, pigs, chickens A high risk pregnancy brings fear to the hearts of most couples. When a doctor tells a woman that her unborn child’s brain is not forming or that an organ has grown … Continue reading

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Bob McDonnell VP = Vaginal Probes, Governor, Issues A POLICE STATE Against Virginia Women

The picture above shows how Virginia State Police greeted protesters for reproductive equality this weekend. On Saturday, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, 31 people were arrested for marching to the Capitol and sitting down on the steps, where they were faced … Continue reading

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Sandra Fluke Gets A Call From President Obama | (-: Women-President :-) WINNING!

Yes, Sandra, your parents should be extremely proud of you and your courage.

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