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Mitt Romney’s Grasping At Foreign Straws With China Hypocrisy

Mitt Romney continues his “Stumblin’, Bumblin’, Fumblin’ &amp Tumblin’” in the polls tour. His latest diversion is CHINA: Let’s take a look at Romney’s hypocrisy when it comes to his own dealings with China. While Romney promises he’ll take our … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Can Run, But He Can Never Hide From His SHAMEFUL Business Past Of Job Losses, Massive Debt & Outsourcing

“In both the public and private sectors, Mitt Romney’s record is one of outsourcing, job losses, and massive debt. As a corporate buyout specialist, Romney loaded companies up with debt, driving several into bankruptcy while he made millions for himself, … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Attempts To Tamp Down The Bain Attacks = Big FAIL | Signatures On SEC Filings POST 1999

UPDATE: ABC INTERVIEW- NO APOLOGIES, DUDE! From HuffPo Mitt Romney’s Signature Appears On Bain SEC Filings During Time He Said He Left Bain. WASHINGTON — Between 1999 and 2001, Mitt Romney, then the CEO of Bain Capital, signed at least … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Can’t Hide From His Big Bain Lie | Blog Roundup

UPDATE: THE PRESIDENT HAS SPOKEN! Romney may not have come clean yet, but blogs across the country are holding him accountable. A snapshot of today’s coverage is below: Mother Jones:The Pain of Bain Falls Mainly on the Reign (of Mitt) … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Throws Shade On Blacks After Addressing NAACP : IF “THEY” (THE BLACKS) Want More Free Stuff; Vote For The Other Guy”

Not gonna work, Mitt Romney.  A multitude of Black folks got your number.  Your Mormonism is showing.  You know how those “evil” blacks are, don’t you? Watch the video here.        ROMNEY ADVISES NAACP TOO VOTE OBAMA IF THEY WANT MORE STUFF … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Holds A Town Hall Meeting: Key Questions He SHOULD Answer

Right NOW, thi sis the only clip of Romney’s TOWN HALL on his web site. FULL AUDIO HERE: If his remarks today in Colorado are any indication, Mitt Romney just doesn’t get it. There’s a stark difference between where he … Continue reading

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Was Mitt Romney Avoiding U.S. Taxes, Hedging Against The Dollar? Release Your TAX RETURNS, Mitt

UPDATE Finally had to post a seperate thread on the Rommiester! READ THE VANITY FAIR FOR DETAILS. “As EVIDENCE mounts against Mitt Romney, we’re learning more about Mitt Romney’s bets against America.Vanity Fair’s raising important questions about Romney’s offshore accounts in … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s “After Bain” Immaculate Deception: For Romney, There Is No Life After Bain

From PERRSPECTIVES : BRINGING DARKNESS TO LIGHT –  *MUST READ ARTICLE!!! Excerpt: In recent weeks, Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign has tried to redefine the calendar by inserting the new milestone “AB”–or “After Bain”— into the timeline of human history. Defending its … Continue reading

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In VA, Romney, Outsourcer-In-Chief Ignored His Record Of Shipping American Jobs Overseas

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigns at Carter Machinery Company, Inc., in Salem Update with video The first 3 years of the Obama’s administrations will be a failure if SCOTUS strikes down Obama Care , says Mitt Romney. While distorting the … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Cops; LET ME! Stay Tuned For Teachers & Fireman Takeover

I know the weekend is coming, but I could not resist posting this thread. Below is a video of Mitt Romney’s response to President Obama’s press conference today on the economy. DEAR LORD; DELIVER US FROM EVIL See Mitt Romney … Continue reading

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