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Mitt Romney: OUTSOURCING PIONEER & Romney Would Put Insurance Companies Back in Charge

Thursday, June 28, 2012, the Supreme Court will render its decision on the 2010 Health Care law.  Meanwhile  Mitt Romney is being pushed to admit he’s been in the JOB OUTSOURCING/OFFSHORING business. After months avoiding questions about his record as a … Continue reading

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In VA, Romney, Outsourcer-In-Chief Ignored His Record Of Shipping American Jobs Overseas

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney campaigns at Carter Machinery Company, Inc., in Salem Update with video The first 3 years of the Obama’s administrations will be a failure if SCOTUS strikes down Obama Care , says Mitt Romney. While distorting the … Continue reading

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Vice President Joe Biden Speaks About Manufacturing In Iowa | Truth-Telling Time About Romney’s Stance On Manufacturing

Updated with video Here’s an excerpt of VP Biden’s speech: I’ve come here today with a simple message: Manufacturing is coming back.  And that’s good news for America, and for America’s middle class – 430,000 new manufacturing jobs since January … Continue reading

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