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Open Thread | Never Forget: This Is A SMASH & GRAB Administration😠😠

Just so we’re clear: EVERYTHING ever done by the GOP and this Administration is nothing but a SCAM. This is nothing but a SMASH AND GRAB Administration. Everything they do is garbage. There is absolutely, positively nothing that they do … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread

ICYMI N.Y. tax agency weighs probe after report that Trump family built wealth through tax-avoidance schemes and fraud By David Fahrenthold The New York Times investigation contradicts the image President Trump has projected of himself for decades as a self-made … Continue reading

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Video | Donald Trump, Scam Artist: KARMA’s Coming to Collect In the Form of $40 Million FRAUD Suit

KARMA’S A BITCH, DONALD YOU’RE A FRAUD! BIRTHER KING Donald Trump sued by New York Attorney General for phony Scam TRUMP University. Attorney  General Eric Schneiderman is taking on Donald  Trump in a new $40 million lawsuit. Schneiderman’s office accuses … Continue reading

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Rev. Al Sharpon Speaks On Voter ID Laws, Invokes JIM CROW


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Prosecuting Wall Street: 60 Minute Expose’

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Republicans Are Soft On Defense |The Last Word. PERIOD.

No matter how the GOP and some of the media try to spin the defeat and killing of Osama Bin Laden, the Maytag spinning will not work.  The meme has always been the Democrats are soft on national security.  NOT.TRUE! … Continue reading

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Governor Rick Perry Fakes a Glenn Close |Tells President Obama “I WON’T BE IGNORED!”

Remember this classic scene from Fatal Attraction? Texas envy Perry to Obama: Don’t ignore me! Texas Gov. Rick Perry wants to know why President Obama is “taking care” of Alabama, which has been devastated by deadly storms, and not giving … Continue reading

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