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Updated: Killings of the Young, Black and Unarmed In America

Promoting the Fight for REAL Justice & Equality “It is open season on Black people and its appears some are being allowed to hunt and shoot us down like dogs,” said Krystal Muhammad, National Chair of the New Black Panther … Continue reading

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Videos |True MOTIVES of GOP’s Government Shutdown: Shutdown The Obama Presidency

If you can’t win the presidency fair and square and spend billions to do it, you obstruct, lie, attempt to delegitamize the sitting presient by any means necessary. Let’s keep pushing the media to do it’s democratic job, and that … Continue reading

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Memo To Jake Tapper & News Folks: Look In The Mirror & Ask Yourselves Where You’ve Been On Gun Safety

President Obama: “We’re going to need to look more closely at a culture that all too often glorifies guns and violence.” First question from The Associated Press’s correspondent, Ben Feller: “I’d like to ask you about the other serious issue … Continue reading

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Rev. Al Sharpon Speaks On Voter ID Laws, Invokes JIM CROW


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Congressman Keith Ellison Breaks Down & Breaks It Down On DOMESTIC Terrorism

We can dispense with the farce of  Charlatan  Peter King Chariman of the House  HomeLand Committee. Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-05) Testimony Before The House Homeland Security Committee The Extent of Radicalization in the American Muslim Community and that Community’s Response March … Continue reading

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