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Videos |True MOTIVES of GOP’s Government Shutdown: Shutdown The Obama Presidency

If you can’t win the presidency fair and square and spend billions to do it, you obstruct, lie, attempt to delegitamize the sitting presient by any means necessary. Let’s keep pushing the media to do it’s democratic job, and that … Continue reading

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Mike Tursai, PA Republcian Exposes The GOP Tactics To BLOCK THE VOTE

GOP BLOCVK THE VOTE MENU Voter suppression law in Pennsylvania will give Mitt Romney a win. REALLY? Mike Turzai: ‘We are focused on making sure that we meet our obligations that we’ve talked about for years,’ said Turzai in a … Continue reading

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People & the Power: KOCH BROTHERS

This is Al jazeera English TV, folks.  America MEDIA is DEAD.  

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