Mike Tursai, PA Republcian Exposes The GOP Tactics To BLOCK THE VOTE


Voter suppression law in Pennsylvania will give Mitt Romney a win. REALLY?

Mike Turzai: ‘We are focused on making sure that we meet our obligations that we’ve talked about for years,’ said Turzai in a speech to committee members Saturday. He mentioned the law among a laundry list of accomplishments made by the GOP-run legislature.

‘Pro-Second Amendment? The Castle Doctrine, it’s done. First pro-life legislation – abortion facility regulations – in 22 years, done. Voter ID, which is gonna allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done.’

Mikie mentioned NOTHING, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH about jobs or getting our economy back on track. Guns, anti abortion legislation and voter suppression, all of which are KOCH-ALEC-funded.

Remeber 2008

TelL you what; if every living, breathing VOTER does not get to the polls and vote November 6, America is DEAD. PERIOD

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I am a Spiritual traveler, a devoted wife, mother, sister, lover of dream study, reading, theater, music, dance, and thought-provoking discussions on love, life, humor and service.
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4 Responses to Mike Tursai, PA Republcian Exposes The GOP Tactics To BLOCK THE VOTE

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  2. Ametia says:

    Looking forward to posting the video from Politics Nation on voter suppression.


  3. Thank You Ladies! I saw this on Ed Show last night and I’ve literally spent the last good two hours on an on and off search, looking for the full video. This video is so disturbing, I can’t even express how deeply in words. I am going to put this up at the UP and give you guys a hat tip. Great Minds Think Alike!


    • Ametia says:

      Hi Grand Central. Good to see you. Thanks for stopping by. Yes; we’re on it and please do spread the word. We appreciate your work on this and other great post. Damn shamed we have folks masquerading as journalist and getting phat paid to distort, lie, and obstruct truth from the masses.


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