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Videos |True MOTIVES of GOP’s Government Shutdown: Shutdown The Obama Presidency

If you can’t win the presidency fair and square and spend billions to do it, you obstruct, lie, attempt to delegitamize the sitting presient by any means necessary. Let’s keep pushing the media to do it’s democratic job, and that … Continue reading

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Video | DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN | Familiar?

DEATH TO MY HOMETOWN By Bruce Springsteen Well, no cannon ball did fly, no rifles cut us down No bombs fell from the sky, no blood soaked the ground No powder flash blinded the eye No deathly thunder sounded But … Continue reading

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Herman Cain, Presidential Candidate Stars In “Trading Places” : Draws Huge Salary!

Ann “Adams Apple Coultergeist’s” Blacks are cheap; ask Herman Cain.   *Hat tip Bob Cesca Hawk the herald Herman Cain, glory to the  KING of Coons! Seriously, Cain didn’t seriously think the GOP would ever nominate his black ass for Repubican … Continue reading

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