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Herman Cain & Ken Blackwell Coon-Busted By 3 Chics| GOP’s Rent-a-Negroes Go After AG Eric Holder

Hat tip rikyrah:   these slave catching sambo muthafuckas Ametia…where is that COON GRAPHIC? ………………………………………. Typical for the GOP to rent-a-negro, slave-catching COON to do their dirty work… Here are two of them below the graphic. 1.  Herman Cain a farce of … Continue reading

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Herman Cain “suspends” Presidential Campaign AKA Gloria Cain Throws Down the GAUNTLET

3 CHICS 3-PEAT= GOP to Herman Cain:

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Herman Cain, Presidential Candidate Stars In “Trading Places” : Draws Huge Salary!

Ann “Adams Apple Coultergeist’s” Blacks are cheap; ask Herman Cain.   *Hat tip Bob Cesca Hawk the herald Herman Cain, glory to the  KING of Coons! Seriously, Cain didn’t seriously think the GOP would ever nominate his black ass for Repubican … Continue reading

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Herman Cain: Nothing but a Modern Day Minstrel, and a Crooked One at That.

hat tip-Angelar When I saw the video of Herman Cain-SINGING- at the National Press Club, I had a visceral reaction. I wracked my brain trying to come up with the exact word to name what I was feeling when I … Continue reading

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Martin Bashir & Economist Jeffrey Sachs Discuss The Potential Pitfalls Of The 2012 Candidates’ Tax Plans

When people show you who they are; BELIEVE THEM. Martin Bashir engages a REAL economist to DISMANTLE Herman Cain and Rick Perry’s smoke and mirror tax plans to haul more $$$ to the rich. Your thoughts?

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The Last Word Lawerence O’Donnell – Herman Cain Interview

Let it be known that Herman Cain’s surge in these polls don’t mean squat to 3 Chics.  It’s another GOP sideshow to take the heat off Perry’s “Niggerhead” saga  & Romney’s Evangelical vs Mormon saga.

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Ron Paul & GOP Tea Baggers No Talk of Jobs; Americans, Just Die Already-There FIXED! | Sociopaths|

The Tea Party AKA The Republican Party has NO plans for Jobs, Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.  Just gut, cut, and evade taxes for the wealthy.  And the rest of you folks-DIE! WASH, RINSE, REPEAT!  No job, no health insurance, no … Continue reading

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Republican |GOP 2011 Town Halls: What The MEGA-MEDIA Is NOT Reporting |FAIL & FAIL

The GOP continue their FAIL AMERICANS TOUR.  Check out these videos of  some of their recent town halls.  Please don’t buy into the lie that these folks attending the town halls are left-wing plants.   And bet your sweet ass, the … Continue reading

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Thursday Late Evening Extras- *Send In The Clowns* & Other Musings

Good Evening Everybody!  Feel free to drop your links and play with us at 3 CHICS.

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