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‘Nigger’| Presidents Lyndon Johnson & Barack Obama Say the Word |Context Folks!

Keep clutching them. 3 Chics don’t give a fuck. Oh the sheer IRONY of President Obama saying the word NIGGER, & the very same folks who have either been thinking of saying it or actually saying and calling black folks … Continue reading

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Martin Bashir & Economist Jeffrey Sachs Discuss The Potential Pitfalls Of The 2012 Candidates’ Tax Plans

When people show you who they are; BELIEVE THEM. Martin Bashir engages a REAL economist to DISMANTLE Herman Cain and Rick Perry’s smoke and mirror tax plans to haul more $$$ to the rich. Your thoughts?

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Ron Paul & GOP Tea Baggers No Talk of Jobs; Americans, Just Die Already-There FIXED! | Sociopaths|

The Tea Party AKA The Republican Party has NO plans for Jobs, Healthcare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security.  Just gut, cut, and evade taxes for the wealthy.  And the rest of you folks-DIE! WASH, RINSE, REPEAT!  No job, no health insurance, no … Continue reading

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