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‘Nigger’| Presidents Lyndon Johnson & Barack Obama Say the Word |Context Folks!

Keep clutching them. 3 Chics don’t give a fuck. Oh the sheer IRONY of President Obama saying the word NIGGER, & the very same folks who have either been thinking of saying it or actually saying and calling black folks … Continue reading

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The 1965 Voting Rights Act: 48th Anniversary

Racial Entitlement, my black ass. Voting Rights Act in Peril on 48th Anniversary? Voting Rights: The Fight Continues Today Throughout our history, Americans have fought and died for the right to vote. And while we’ve made significant progress, even today … Continue reading

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Video | Rachel Maddow On SCOTUS & Voting Rights Act & HISTORY!

Worth watching. The segment speaks for itself. Interview with Rep. John Lewis- Scalia has opened old wounds with his racists remarks. YOUR WASTED VOTE?

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2010 Vote: Celebrating 90 Years of Women’s Right To Vote

August 18, 1920 Women earned the right to vote.  So Please let’s continue exercising this right. I Couldn’t let this anniversary date go by with acknowledging it. Question:  Who gained the right to vote first: women, or African Americans? Answer:  Technically … Continue reading

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