Republican |GOP 2011 Town Halls: What The MEGA-MEDIA Is NOT Reporting |FAIL & FAIL

The GOP continue their FAIL AMERICANS TOUR.  Check out these videos of  some of their recent town halls.  Please don’t buy into the lie that these folks attending the town halls are left-wing plants.   And bet your sweet ass, the MEDIA will not provide us with any such coverage of the voters/constituent dissent and revolt  against these slimy GOP operatives.

                                                                    YOUR  GOP AT WORK

The following is what the GOP has been doing all year and particularly this summer, while President Obama has been traveling around the country speaking to Americans.

Paul Ryan needs an ASS WHOOPING for this:

Every senior citizens needs to see and hear how PAUL RYAN disrespected and ridiculed this man.

Repost of this Ryan classic:

And here are some of Ryan’s cohorts:

Your CHOICE:  Camera-snatching, question-evading, lies, distortions, spinning, constituent-removal or …                                    

President Obama

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17 Responses to Republican |GOP 2011 Town Halls: What The MEGA-MEDIA Is NOT Reporting |FAIL & FAIL

  1. creolechild says:

    Thank you, Joan, and Democrats for Progress!

    We All Have a Choice in the 2012 Election
    By Joan Ruaiz, on September 3rd, 2011

    My choice come November 6, 2012 will not be a surprise, as I will vote to re-elect the incumbent President, Barack Obama. The reasons why I will work hard to re-elect the President and try to give him an overwhelming congressional majority in both the House and the Senate are very clear to me, and self-serving as they are, I believe my actions will also benefit a majority of Americans; even those who don’t quite know it yet. By reading the rest of my commentary, the reasons for my stubborn partisan stance will be made clear, and as the election cycle progresses, I shall often make myself clearer still.

    What I’d like folks to envision in the meantime is what would happen if progressives woke up the morning of November 7th, and reality hit that the President-elect is not Barack Obama?

    Sure, some on the Left would feel vindicated to witness Barack Obama defeated, believing that they had won the battle of “principles” they’d waged for four years to show President Obama their disappointment in him. They would inevitably blame him for their choice not to donate, not to work, and/or simply not to have voted.

    I believe, however, for those progressives willing to be intellectually honest, and who understand the concrete reality of political consequences (see Election 2010), we must also be willing to ask ourselves hard questions before the election, as opposed to after the fact.

    You see, these questions will be answered regardless, either now, or for four long years (or eight even longer years) following November 6th.

    Again, if the worse-case scenario were to occur and we end up with a President other than Barack Obama (which is not out of the realm of possibility, as there are powerful forces working hard on this as we speak), what will happen then?

    Some will say that my questions are nothing more than my cynical attempt to use fear, but I strongly disagree. I am only asking you to picture what could very well happen. If it is something to fear, you should duly note it.

    I respectfully suggest that some of the questions we should all ask ourselves, especially those who haven’t already done so, are as follows:

    How will you feel when the new President nominates partisan cabinet members like Phil Gramm for Treasury, Jeb Bush for the Justice Department, John Kasich for the Office of Management and Budget, Scott Walker for Labor Secretary, Paul Ryan for Health and Human Services, Rudy Giuliani as Secretary of State, John McCain as Secretary of Defense, and Newt Gingrich as UN Ambassador? Sure, it may not be those particular ideologues in those exact positions; in fact, it could be worse still. Keep that in mind.

    How will you feel when the new President gets a chance to replace Justice Kennedy, or worse yet, Justices Breyer and Ginsberg? What about all of the other judicial nominees that the new President will get to choose?

    How will you feel when the new President gets to sign into law the privatization of Social Security?

    How will you feel when the new President gets to sign the the age increase for Medicare eligibility, and the cutting of benefits for seniors?

    How will you feel when the new President decides to nominate folks over at the FCC who would vote against Net Neutrality? How mad would you be if the Internet became less of a factor for free speech, and more of a factor for message manipulation and propaganda?

    How will you feel when the new President eliminates the mortgage modification partnership it has with banks, and you are back to being underwater, left to drown… on your own?

    How will you feel when the new President re-instates the reproductive gag order on Third-World countries?

    How will you feel when the new President dismantles the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau?

    How will you fee when the new President pushes to reverse the Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure (CARD) Act?

    How will you feel when the new President works to reverse Dodd-Frank?

    How will you feel when the new President rescinds benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees?

    How will you feel when the new President reduces or eliminates the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (aka Food Stamps)?

    How will you feel when the new President doesn’t extend unemployment insurance for the unemployed, and won’t compromise on the issue whatsoever?

    How will you feel when the new President reverses policy advances made in our relations with Cuba?

    How will you feel when the new President signs the bill repealing the Affordable Care Act, and thereby nullifies the ability for patients who have pre-existing conditions to be covered by insurance companies?

    How will you feel when the new President re-establishes a middleman for student loans?

    How will you feel when the new President refuses to hold any discussion with labor, or to have anything to do with them?

    How will you feel when the new President ignores the United Nations, and becomes their nemesis?

    How will you feel when the new President decides that the Afghanistan timetable for bringing our troops home shouldn’t be followed?

    How will you feel when the new President reverses the ban on torture?

    How will you feel when the new President resumes the Star Wars program?

    How will you feel when the new President cuts federal education spending, and pushes vouchers?

    How will you feel when the new President declines to identify who comes to the White House?

    How will you feel when the new President pushes to reverse the FDA tobacco disclosure rules?

    How will you feel when the new President advocates to deny national funding to NPR and Planned Parenthood, and the National Endowment for the Arts?

    How will you feel when the new President increases taxes on the working poor, and decreases taxes on corporations, capital gains and the estate tax?

    How will you feel when the new President pushes to abolish the EPA, the Department of Education, and the FAA?

    How will you feel when the new President denies climate change?

    How will you feel when the new President sells federal lands to pay down the deficit?

    How will you feel when the new President advocates for corporations’ right to accelerate mountain-top removal, and assures oil companies that they have nothing to fear in reference to their subsidies?

    How will you feel when the new President decides to push for a DOMA-style Constitutional amendment?

    How will you feel when you have to look at this new President on the television. a President who talks in bumper sticker slogans, while being divisive. ideologically driven, and grossly arrogant, and who governs with regard to his own base and not all Americans?

    As importantly, how will you feel that you didn’t do everything possible to assist in the 2012 re-election campaign because you rationalized that there was nothing good you could say about President Barack Obama, or you conveniently convinced yourself that someone else would handle your share (or so you assumed)? How will you justify protest then, or even be angry knowing that you always had a choice and yet you chose to do less than you could do?

    Will you be glad you stuck to your principles, or appalled at the avalanche of radical changes proposed by the new administration? And what will you do about it at that time, that couldn’t have been done before?

    Yes, there is a very clear choice, even if you really would rather not think about it right at the moment. I, on the other hand, have been thinking about it all along, and I’m sure there are even worse things that would come down the pike, unimaginable to me at this time.

    But you know what? Perhaps this is the kind of reality-based exercise that we really need, especially those who claim to care about our future. Perhaps now is the time to start getting FIRED UP AND READY TO GO, because waiting until we are in an unthinkable position will be, for sure, way too late.

    • creolechild says:

      Thank you, Deaniac, and The People’s View, for “breaking it down like a fraction,” as Rikyrah is inclined to say on occasion! (:

      Right away. Pass this American Jobs Act right away. That was President Obama’s recurring message to Congress tonight. While politicians and the political media are trying to take the political temperature of the President’s jobs proposal, the President – the truly American president, reminded us of something tonight: 14 months (the time till election day) is a luxury most Americans don’t have. That was the message that rang through his rhetoric. The complementary message that rang through his proposals? Demand side economics.

      I am not very good at this instant reaction thing. Generally, I tend to absorb things. But tonight’s message from the President and his plan was unmistakable, inspiring and has me jumping up and down: he will not, so long as he holds power, leave the American people who are struggling in this economy at the mercy of the political elite in Washington, DC. He will not, to the extend his power allows, leave any stone unturned to jump-start job creation. And he will, with all his power, put America back to work.

      The plan the president put forward was simple but ambitious, big but shovel ready, and just what the country was hungry for. But let’s keep something mind: the speech and the proposal the president delivered was a tremendous victory for the simple idea that the only way to permanently grow the economy is to create demand.

      Tax credit for small businesses to hire new workers or to give employees pay raises. More pay/new workers = greater demand for goods and services.

      Expanding the payroll tax cut on the employee side (first enacted by the president last year) by 50%, giving the average family an additional $1500 to spend, especially affecting the working poor, who have a much higher propensity to spend every dollar put in their pocket. Extension and expansion of the payroll tax cut = greater demand.

      Creating an equal payroll tax cut for employers so that they can do item 1 and hire new workers or give existing workers a raise.

      Rebuild America. It’s shovel ready.
      Roads, bridges, schools and airports. Double the benefit by hiring contractors who will hire construction workers to build these things. New construction jobs = greater consumer demand. New building and improvements = greater demand for construction material. Better transit = better environment, less time spent in traffic, more productive workers, money saved for consumers = greater demand.

      Rebuilding schools. America’s children deserve no less. Jobs in the community = greater demand for mom-and-pop businesses in the community. Fund the rebuilding of America by leveraging federal investment with private capital. Independent fund based on how badly a construction project is needed and how good it is for the economy. Not crony-Congressional allocations of money. Challenge the private sector to invest in success with the leverage of federal funds. Funding going where it is needed most. Builders taking on more projects. More jobs = greater demand.

      Put teachers back in our classrooms. Once again, an economic two-fer.
      Numero uno: teaching jobs saved = teacher salaries saved = more money in pockets of teachers = more demand in the local economy. Numero dos: better education and more care for our children in school, which means less time spent by parents dealing with trouble at home. That means better communities, less worried and more confident parents – that is, parents confident they don’t have to save all their money to send their kid to a private school or provide after school care. = Parents able to spend more as consumers = more consumer demand.

      $4,000 credit for hiring the long-term unemployed. More two-fer.
      “Fer” One: the long term unemployed need jobs, and when they can get a job, they will be able to spend more money. That’s a gimme. = Greater demand.
      “Fer” Two: The federal government right now pays for unemployment benefits beyond six months. If they can get hired, that’s money saved by the federal government that it can use to…. oh, I dunno, either pay for this tax credit or rebuild schools and expand airports, for example. = Greater demand. (see above).

      Tax credit to hire veterans. No-brainer. Veterans serve our country, and it’s time we served them. They are skilled people, and employers gain. With private employment gain for veterans, not only will they be able to spend more (= greater demand), on the V.A., for example, if some of these jobs came with health insurance, the federal government would save money that could be used to give the economy a further boost.

      Extend unemployment benefits. Do I need to explain this one? Unemployed people are the most likely to spend every dollar they get, because they are living on the absolute edge of being this close to being put out on the street. This is a no-brainer greater demand generator. To the tune of $1.62 for every dollar in unemployment benefits, actually.

      The White House has a fact sheet available, which describes the above in greater detail.

      The President went big. $450 billion big. And not with useless tax breaks. Where he gave tax breaks to business, he tied them directly to job creation and challenged businesses and their Congressional benefactors to defy him. $240 billion in payroll tax cuts for employees and employers. $140 billion to build roads, bridges, schools, railways, and airports. The rest to help states save jobs of teachers and firefighters, and to create incentives for every job created for business.

      How is he going to pay for it? A more detailed proposal on that is coming soon, but suffice it to say the corporate and ultra-wealthy welfare state that the political Right has built over the past three decades is under a sharp axe.

      Today, in the Congressional responses from the Republicans, they knew their tactics of holding America hostage and then selling it cheap to their corporate benefactors have lost, and the President’s sincere attempt to awaken the American people and convince them that increasing demand is the only ultimate way to a sustainable recovery has succeeded tonight.

      Speaker John Boehner’s statement was conciliatory, and seeking a way to work with the president. Even Eric Cantor said some ideas of the president’s were going to be received well. It’s the same Eric Cantor who literally bet on America to fail. It’s those same Republicans who bedeviled the President to everyone they could talk to. Those same Republicans are now running for cover and asking for… compromise!

      The President has Republicans in Congress cornered (I have written previously about why and how). But even as the GOP members of Congress begin to realize that the American people do not like them – the rock bottom 12% approval ratings come with a majority of Americans wanting their own members out – they will continue to look for ways to undermine the President even (or maybe especially) if it’s by undermining the American people. The President knows that. And he needs our help: “I intend to take that message to every corner of this country” said the president, adding “lift your voice: Tell the people who are gathered here tonight that you want action now.” You know how to lift your voice. The president needs you. And you. And you over there.

    • Good Morning, CC!

      Nice to see you!

      • Ametia says:

        Good Morning, Creolechild. Woman you come in with guns blazing! LOL Good to see ya.

      • creolechild says:

        Hi Honey Bunny~ It’s good to see you too! You and your family have been on mind constantly as you attempt to get back on solid footing. But I know that you’re strong and will prevail…don’t ask me how I know this…I just do. Besides, it’s evident that there are so many people out there who wish you nothing but the best and are helping in any way that they can–which is exactly the way it should be because if we can’t look at for each other…what’s the point of it all~

        Love you much, SG2! Keep your head up, hear?

    • Ametia says:

      Co-signing 100%. Thank you!

      • creolechild says:

        Metia~ good to see you too! In my opinion, it’s time that we brought the fight to the GOP/Teahadists. They’re counting on us to do nothing; I’m hoping that they’ll get the shock of their lives and that more people will actively participate in to fighting back against what they’re trying to do. We have a choice: either we stand up together or we all fall…together. It’s just that simple!

        Keep up the good work, Lady~

        • Ametia says:

          CC, you were MISSED. I <3 you, dear one! You're on point as always. the GOP need full EXPOSURE, for the coward, rogues, theives, and selfish bastards they are.

  2. creolechild says:

    Good morning, 3Chics~ As each day passes, it’s becoming crystal that we have elected officials in office who couldn’t care less about the ‘general welfare’ of the people that they have been elected to serve. And it’s also quite evident whose side corporate-sponsored media is on! The media isn’t engaged in investigative journalism; they’re stenographers for misinformation, distortion, and lies. In other words, the media has become biased, dysfunctional, and on its way to becoming irrelevant as credible sources of information that the public can use to make informed decisions.

    In my opinion, that’s why the work that 3Chics does is so important. Metia, SG2, and Rikyrah–as well as other pragmatic sites on the blog roll–are committed to doing what most of the media outlets will not! They’re putting in the work and are holding it down–for us! We can do our part to help by sharing this information with family, friends, co-workers AND contacting Congress to press them on issues that matter to us. The GOP/Teahadists aren’t pulling any punches and have shown us, not only what they’re willing to do, but the direction they want to take this country. So, the question for us is whether we will allow them to do so…by sitting back and doing nothing~

      • creolechild says:

        The American Jobs Act Highlights The Difference Between The Two Parties
        By Paul Yeager

        President Obama laid out a specific and detailed jobs bill, the American Jobs Act, that would not add a dime to the national debt and would immediately help the unemployed, the poor, and the middle class, along with giving a laundry list of tax deductions to job-creating small companies to promote hiring. And it’s all doomed because of four key words that will stop even modest approval for the intractable Republicans: asking large corporation and the rich to “pay their fair share.” That will, undoubtedly, be the reason that the bill is destined to die on the vine, but it is a good example of the difference between the parties.

        Obama, and presumably the majority of Democrats, support (based on the President’s speech):

        Extending unemployment benefits to the long-term unemployed
        Extending payroll tax cuts to the poor and middle class
        Providing tax incentives for small businesses to hire the long-term unemployed
        Providing tax incentives for small businesses to hire veterans
        Provide a summer jobs program for students
        Rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure of the nation
        Build a fuel-efficient mass transit system
        Put more teachers back in the classrooms
        Invest in school buildings

        Republicans stand for:

        Keeping loopholes open in the tax code that effectively allows the rich and large corporations to pay an inordinately small amount of taxes
        Further lowering taxes for the rich and large corporations
        De-funding social security, Medicare, and Medicaid

        The Republican protests will be framed as taxing the job creators, too much government intervention, and adding to the national debt; however, it all comes down to those four little words. We need to remember a few words of own, with elections fast approaching: What do you believe in?

  3. Yardarm wrote this about Eric Cantor on TOD:

    “His mother barks! He should be heaved over the side with a mooring line ’round his neck, in shark infested waters, And dragged under slow power so the sharks can conserve their energy.”


  4. Good Post, Ametia! You’re all over it!

  5. GrannyStandingforTruth says:

    Hey 3Chics:

    Check me out because I’m doing “polly want a cracker” on a fake civil rights advocate.

    Other than that, you ladies keep up the good work! Expose the GOP for the creeps that they are.

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