Memo To Jake Tapper & News Folks: Look In The Mirror & Ask Yourselves Where You’ve Been On Gun Safety


President Obama: “We’re going to need to look more closely at a culture that all too often glorifies guns and violence.”

First question from The Associated Press’s correspondent, Ben Feller: “I’d like to ask you about the other serious issue consuming this town right now, the fiscal cliff,”

REALLY?! The mass murders of 26 Americans, 20 of whom where kids isn’t serious, Ben Feller?



And HURRY with your RESPONSE; our children’s lives depends on it.



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14 Responses to Memo To Jake Tapper & News Folks: Look In The Mirror & Ask Yourselves Where You’ve Been On Gun Safety

  1. Ametia says:

    Thank you, Rikyrah for the hat tip
    Brilliant comment at POU:


    You know what, the Mayan’s were right. Were starting to enter a new age of enlightenment. A new way of thinking. NOT that apocalyptic shit that some white guy invented to explain it away. I mean, the fact that now the old ways are no longer the standard. No longer can white people expect to solely rule the world anymore. No longer can they claim that they are the only race that excels in intellect, sexuality, humbleness, cleanliness, and a clear sense of understanding about simple fact. I mean, seriously, look at Sarah Palin. This bitch seethes with overwhelming envy of President Barack Obama. I mean look at her. Four years ago, I was threatened, truly threatened by her ascending to becoming either the 47th Vice President of the United States or the 45th President of the United States. And yet, this woman quit her job as Governor and went on a D-List reality tour that makes the Kardashians look like a major American success story. Now, President Obama is a two term popular the world over leader of the free world, and she is a person who Fox News cannot wait to Glenn Beck out of a network contract. In the age of Obama, the old is giving way to the new.

    Now, let me get to the shooting and more importantly, Jake Tapper’s dumbassed question. First, isn’t it something that it took a multitude of children, no babies, WHITE babies being shot for the majority to seriously look at gun laws in our nation. Don’t get me wrong, it tugged at my heart seeing all the photos and hearing all the memories of how sweet these children were, but it tugged the same heartstrings when I hear the same things from Black mothers, Latino mothers, Asian mothers. The note that the child wrote in the classroom is the same note that those mothers sometimes get before they go to collect the body of their deceased sons and daughters.

    Many here were upset when Jake Tapper asked President Obama “Where have you been?” I just laughed. Really, white bred, elite living, six figure salary, never had to work his ass off for shit Jake Tapper asked Afro-American, Chicago and New York slum living, worked his fucking ass off to get to where he is true American story President Barack Obama, “Where have you been on gun laws?” Seriously? As if Tapper were permanently on the hunt for proper gun laws in America? As if he witnessed his best friend or his family member shot down on the street or that he himself faced gunfire. HA!! Jake, where were YOU when these weapons got in our streets and gunned down our children mercilessly? Where were you when Black and Latino mothers had to talk about how wonderful and sweet their children were? Where were you with the photos of those precious lost children? Barack Obama knew where he was, he was just waiting for you and folks like you to catch up.

    But see, these folks never had to worry about it coming on to their street. Those folks in Connecticut are probably going through understandable motions right now. Its not hard to believe. But, they are also grappling with a reality that WE have always known. That a gun can kill someone as easily on West Paces Ferry Rd. as it can on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. It doesn’t matter whether your school has failed AYP tests year after year or is the top national school of excellence 10 years running in the richest community. All it takes is a crazy motherfucker with access to a weapon and all those stories you hear on the news following Black and Latino folks can happen to you. Trayvon Martin and Jordan Davis are no longer the only ones to have their mothers and fathers suffer to gun violence. And I seriously think that what really fucks em up was that it wasn’t one of US that did the shooting, but it was a white guy who they could picture their elder sons hanging with and their elder daughters dating that did it. Which is why they are on board with gun control legislation now.

    So, in a way I’m sort of amused by these same whites, who have demonized and bashed Barack Obama for telling the absolute truth that when Whites are scared, they grab hold to religion and guns , the same whites who after this man’s election and re-election, bought guns by the droves and instituted bullshit laws like allowing guns in parks and bars and the infamous “Stand Your Ground” law are NOW demanding he do something to alleviate them from this scourge that they have now found on their doorstep. They live and have lived in the same state that possesses the gun lobbying organization and NOW they demand gun laws? I know my post is long and this is what happens when I don’t type here for awhile and have a lot on my mind, but doesn’t it just tickle you sometimes the reaction of these folks? Its just amusing to me.


  2. @johntabin Jay Carney reacts to news that Jake Tapper will no longer be in the briefing room


    Crying with Laughter

  3. Jake Tapper leaving ABC for CNN.

    ABC News chief White House correspondent Jake Tapper is leaving the broadcast network for CNN, ABC announced Thursday. Tapper will be taking on an “anchor role,” according to the email sent to staff by ABC News President Ben Sherwood.

    Jonathan Karl, formerly of CNN, will become ABC’s new chief White House correspondent, Sherwood announced. Martha Raddatz is taking on a new role as chief global affairs correspondent for the network.

  4. rikyrah says:

    these punk azzes are about to snap the last Black nerve…and you know what I mean

    FUCK JAKE TAPPER and the rest of the jackals

  5. In 09, Hardball Chris rewarded a man TV time b/c he showed up with a gun at a presidential event & you wonder what breeds the Adam Lanzas?

    • Ametia says:

      These fools like Chris and Tapper; they try to normalize, individualize the angry white men. Can’t lump them all together, then Chris would be thought of as a mass murderer too. You know they look like you Chris & Jaker Tapper. OWN IT, BITCHES!

  6. majiir says:

    Tapper is a main reason why birtherism was allowed to flourish, republicans escaped being punished severely for their obstructionism, the issue of unrestricted access to assault weapons and guns has led to the deaths/injury of thousands of innocent Americans, and millions of Americans don’t know just how much PBO’s policies have helped them. He seems to think his role as a journalist is to speak out in support of republicans’ policies. IMO, his refusal to perform the work of a serious journalist IS the problem, and he’s as much responsible for nothing being done to reinstitute the ban on assault weapons as anyone in this country. When the shootings happened in Aurora and in Oregon at that mall, Tapper was too afraid of the NRA and his republican buddies to demand that something be done about gun violence in this country. I was glad that the president let him know that he hasn’t been just sitting in the Oval Office twittering his thumbs. The real responsibility to implement policies that have the possibility of reducing the number of deaths due to gun violence resides with Congress. Tapper showed just how ignorant he is of the way the federal government operates by asking one question.

  7. The media need to stop squeezing their eyes shut on the fact that angry white men are the ones committing mass murder. Why is that?

  8. Ametia says:

    What does the being against the violence against women’s act, gun control, and the GOP have in common?

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