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Sonia Sotomayer vs Brett Kavanaugh’s Opening Statements

GOP FUCKERY HYPOCRISY. You see, these fools think that NO ONE, other than white men can be angry. It’s their weapon of masculinity, second only to guns. And they don’t want you to take either one of them away from … Continue reading

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White Men are the PROBLEM‏

The media does not want to accept that White men are the problem in America. They can’t accept that white- skinned terrorists aka. domestic terrorist would want to bring harm to other Americans. White men’s belief in their superiority and … Continue reading

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Memo To Jake Tapper & News Folks: Look In The Mirror & Ask Yourselves Where You’ve Been On Gun Safety

President Obama: “We’re going to need to look more closely at a culture that all too often glorifies guns and violence.” First question from The Associated Press’s correspondent, Ben Feller: “I’d like to ask you about the other serious issue … Continue reading

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