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The Mentally ILL Hold Hearings on Gun Control

From where I sit, when you have victims of gun violence before you (one of them a former sitting member of Congress, who owned guns herself), including the parents of those innocent children massacred in Newtown, CT, imploring you and … Continue reading

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Videos | Hadiya Pendleton Killed By Gunman

Doesn’t Hadiya’s murder matter too? One week Hadiya’s alive, a daughter, a sister, an HONOR student, performing at a presidential inauguration… and the next week? GUNNED DOWN. UNCREDITED/AP THE DEFINITION OF IRONY Hadiya Pendleton was killed Tuesday, not long after … Continue reading

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Sandy Hook Families Testify‏ at Public Hearing on Gun Control

NEWTOWN  Conn. — Newtown officials and parents of children killed in last month’s elementary school massacre called on lawmakers Wednesday to turn the tragedy into “the moment of transformation” by banning high-powered, military-style rifles and high-capacity magazines while providing better … Continue reading

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Videos | Chuck Hagel Nomination Hearings For Secretary of Defense

Confirmation hearings begin today for Chuck Hagel.  Watch it live now on C-Span. We;ll post full video when available. Updating with video excerpts: Usual suspects on Israel Chuck Hagel DEFENDS his record

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Thursday Open Thread | Freedom Riders: The Turning Point

Bernard Lafayette, Jr. was twenty-two and enrolled as an undergraduate at Nashville’s American Baptist Theological Seminary when he took part in the 1961 Freedom Rides. Lafayette endured jail time in Birmingham, Alabama, riots and firebombings in Montgomery, an arrest in … Continue reading

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Another Brotha in the United States Senate

The new Junior Senator from the Bay State Well, Well, Well. It appears Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has made the appointment of a brotha to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Senator, now, Seceratary of State, John F. Kerry. … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | Freedom Riders:The Student Leader

Diane Judith Nash  (born May 15, 1938) was a leader and strategist of the student wing of the 1960s Movement. A historian described her as: “…bright, focused, utterly fearless, with an unerring instinct for the correct tactical move at each … Continue reading

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Video | President Obama Speaks On Immigration Reform

Think Progress has a comprehensive recap on where some members of congress stand on immigration reform. Read it here: Everything You Need To Know About The Bipartisan Immigration Reform Framework Updated President Obama unveils his proposals for immigration reform (Transcript)

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Tuesday Open Thread | Freedom Riders:The Fresh Troops

John Robert Lewis (born February 21, 1940) is an American politician and civil rights leader. He is the U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 5th congressional district, serving since 1987, and is the dean of the Georgia congressional delegation. The district includes … Continue reading

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3 Chics Welcomes Blogger Leutisha Aka “CPL”

Hello Everyone! 3 Chics is honored to formally introduce Leutisha Stills our newest blogger to the team. Leutisha has also blogged as “The Christian Progressive Liberal” and “The Political Junkie”, and she is committed to the political education and uplift … Continue reading

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