The “BAIN” of Romney’s Existence | … And Where Are Those Tax Returns, Mitt?

Mitt Romney dares to espouse his sensibilities towards the MIDDLE CLASS. Really, Mittens, REALLY?

Again, it was Harwood who got to the heart of the matter, pivoting from a question about
Romney’s seemingly shifting views on an auto industry bailout to a query about
whether he lacked a core.

It has been a charge that has dogged him since Romney abandoned his 1994 and 2002
support for abortion rights, his 2003 backing for a regional greenhouse gas
pact, and the endorsement of gay rights he expressed during his 1994 Senate
campaign and 2002 candidacy for Massachusetts governor.

Romney replied this time: “I have been married to the same woman for 25 – excuse me, I
will get in trouble – for 42 years. I have been in the same church my entire
life.   I worked at one company, Bain, for 25 years. And I left that to go off
and help save the Olympic Games.”


Special report: Romney’s steel skeleton in the Bain closet



In his campaign for president, Romney has championed free markets and vowed to shrink the role of government. The Republican has argued that his business acumen makes him the best candidate to fix the nation’s economy and bring down the stubbornly high unemployment rate. Romney’s opponents point to his business career as evidence that he is willing to cut jobs and benefits.

The story of Bain’s failed investment in the Kansas City mill offers a perspective on a largely overlooked chapter in Romney’s business record: His firm’s brush with a U.S. bailout.


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  1. Ametia says:

    I’m sure there are plenty of OWS fanatics who are rooting for you too, Mittens.

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  3. Mitt Romney At 2012 Repubican Debate: I’m Happy Ted Kennedy Had To Take Out A Mortgage In Senate Race

    CONCORD, N.H. — Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney responded to attacks that he is a career politician with long-standing political ambitions by relaying some advice given to him by his father.

    “I happened to see my dad run for governor when he was 54 years old,” said Romney. “He said, ‘Mitt, never get involved in politics if you have to win election to pay a mortgage.’ If you find yourself in a position when you can serve, you ought to have a responsibility to do so if you think you can make a difference. He said also don’t get involved in politics when your kids are still young because it may turn their heads.”

    Romney’s advice was meant to warn against the idea of a career politician who is simply interested in staying in office no matter what. But it also seems to mean that less-affluent members of the public, who might not be as financially secure and wealthy as most of the people running for president, should also be excluded from being candidates.

    Romney then told a story about when he was running to unseat the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.), saying he was glad Kennedy suffered financially during their race.

    “When I saw Ted Kennedy running virtually unopposed, a man who I thought by virtue of the policies of the liberal welfare state had created a permanent underclass in America, I thought somebody has to run against him,” said Romney. “I happened to have been wise enough to realize I did not have a ghost of a chance of beating him. … I told my partners in my firm, I will be back in six months, don’t take my chair. I was happy that he had to take a mortgage out on his house to ultimately defeat me. I am very proud of the fact that I have stood up as a citizen to battle where I felt it was best for the nation, and we’re talking about running for president. I am in the race because I care about the country.”

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    New Anti-Romney Video Attacks Bain Capital Work
    by Peter J. Boyer Jan 6, 2012 9:39 PM EST

    An ex-Romney adviser is unleashing a half-hour attack video blasting Mitt’s work at Bain Capital. A pro-Gingrich super PAC just scooped it up. Peter J. Boyer reports.


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