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Video |Michigan Governor Rick Snyder & Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr Press Conference

LET DETROIT GO BANKRUPT? Remember those words from Mitt Romney.  I don’t have anything else to add to this. Here’s the video of Michigan Governor’s call for PRIVITIZING DETROIT: Your thoughts?

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Video | President Obama’s Action Saved “The Big Three”: Chrysler, Ford & GM

STOCKS ARE SOARING FOR THE BIG THREE.  LOOKIE HERE: 1.  General Motors Company  :  NYSE- GM & Ford Rev up after earnings 2.  Chrysler Corporation:   Chrysler 3Q profit up 80 percent 3.  Ford:  Ford & GM Rev up after earnings … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Game: “I Like FIRING People,” “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” Student Loans = “Shop Around,” “Let Home Foreclosures Run Their Course””

And just to reiterate what Romney said about home forclosueres; read this piece from Think Progress:  Romney Won’t Help  11.5 million Americans With UNDERWATER Mortgages, Advisor Says Excerpt:  Mitt Romney won’t offer “targeted relief for the 11.5 million American homeowners … Continue reading

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The “BAIN” of Romney’s Existence | … And Where Are Those Tax Returns, Mitt?

Mitt Romney dares to espouse his sensibilities towards the MIDDLE CLASS. Really, Mittens, REALLY? Again, it was Harwood who got to the heart of the matter, pivoting from a question about Romney’s seemingly shifting views on an auto industry bailout … Continue reading

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LOL 3 CHICS Loves This DNC Ad. NUFF SAID…  Please Tweet this video and make it go viral.

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