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Howell High School Students Hail ‘White Power’ After Win

HOWELL, MI — Shocking tweets celebrating a “white” team’s victory erupted Thursday following the Howell boys basketball win over Grand Blanc. Several students in Howell are now facing disciplinary action, according to the high school principal. Grand Blanc lost 54-49 … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Saturday Open Thread | U.S. Democratic Mayors Week!

Wiki: Brenda L. Lawrence (born October 18, 1954, Detroit, Michigan) is the current mayor of Southfield, Michigan and was the Democratic nominee for Michigan lieutenant governor in 2010. Lawrence grew up in Detroit’s northeast side and was raised by her … Continue reading

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GOP Presidential Candiate Mitt Romney Is A Bonafide “BIRTHER” & Still Won’t Release His Tax Returns

That’s right folks, Mitt Romney has gone FULL BIRTHER to appeal to the fearful WHITE MALE VOTERS. Umm, hasn’t this been tried already? Souless piece of shit…

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Video | President Obama Supports Wind ENERGY Tax Credits| Mitt Romney Opposes Wind ENERGY Tax Credits

OUR JOBS COME FROM THE WIND.   President Obama’s all-of-the-above energy strategy is making America more energy independent by reducing our dependence on foreign oil and investing in renewable oil. And that’s why the President supports extending the Wind Energy Tax … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough, It’s time for the GOP to get a good ASS-WHOOPING, for their attacks on Women’s reproductive rights. Democratic lawmakers are hitting back. At least nine female legislators, “Vagina Monologues”(video) author Eve Ensler and actresses from across the … Continue reading

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The latest in GOP 2012 Voter Suppression: Michigan Edition

I had to read this twice to believe it: From Politicususa.com: Michigan Defunding Presidential Election in Predominantly Democratic Detroit By: Sarah JonesApril 19, 2012 If Republicans took over the country with the White House and a majority in the House … Continue reading

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Don’t Bet Against America Or Her Workers! | OBAMA/BIDEN 4 MORE YEARS


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President Obama Visits Michigan

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LOL 3 CHICS Loves This DNC Ad. NUFF SAID…  Please Tweet this video and make it go viral.

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MICHIGAN STATE| National Disgrace- Catherine Fergunson Academy & Benton Harbour-Rachel Maddow Delivers

Check out these photos of Catherine Fergunson students and families. You can read about whaT’ss happening in Benton Harbour, Michigan at Urban Politico.  MICHIGAN REPUBLICANS ATTACK DEMOCRACY. And ECLECTABLOG has been doing extensive coverage via cogent commentary at GROUND ZERO, Michigan.  … Continue reading

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