3 Chics’ SouthernGirl2 Joins Conference Call With Jim Messina & David Axelrod

Getting around to this post a little late, but wanted to share a few notes from a Monday, May 7 conference call SouthernGirl2 participated in.

The discussion was fast paced. Jeff Mason, David Corn, Major Garrett, Kasie Hunt were on the call.

Jim Messina said the energy was REAL with the campaign kickoff rallies. 3 Chics can attest to this. We live-blogged the event and got a shout out from the Obama 2012 daily tip sheet crew. Thank you, Erica!

The Obama campaign is building the greatest grassroots this country has ever seen.

Obama Campaign releasing new Ad in key states

Mitt Romney wants the American people to think President Obama is running away from his record; while Mitt has no record to run on. Mitt has more of the same strategy.

Mitt has spent around $55 Million dollars in Media ads and 90 percent are attack ads.

David Axelrod stated we’re very proud of what the President has accomplished since coming into office. The American Auto industry was on the very of huge collapse and now it’s number 1. Brought Osama Bin Laden to Justice

Mitt Romney won’t mention he was Governor of Massachusetts. He left $1 billion structural deficit.

Will compare President Obama’s vision for America against Romney’s vision for America

There couldn’t be a more stalker contrast between Romney and President Obama’s position on gay marriage. Romney’s vision takes us backwards, not forward.

These conference calls are held regularly, and we can’t repeat the need to stay tuned in and focused enough. As you can see the themes and messaging are targeted and consistent. President Obama has another stellar team to help guide him to a 2012 win.

We’ll keep y’all posted whenever 3 Chics participates in a call. you can drop us your questions for the next call, and we’ll do our best to ask them and get answers too.

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3 Responses to 3 Chics’ SouthernGirl2 Joins Conference Call With Jim Messina & David Axelrod

  1. vitaminlover says:

    Ladies, that sounds so cool! What a neat treat to talk with the big dogs.

    • Hi Vitaminlover!

      It is too cool. 3Chics is soo incredibly honored to be invited on those calls.

      • Ametia says:

        You take good notes, sG2. It’s not easy without a recorder, these folks do not play, once they get started with the discussion. We know their time is precious, becasue they are doing a slammin job to help get PBO re-elected too! Thanks for bringing us the goods, lady. Much appreciated.

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