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House Foreign Affairs hearing: Rep Ilhan Omar asked Elliott Abrams if he’d back genocide in Venezuela like ‘you did in Guatemala’

Rep Ilhan Omar tweeted: Peace. Justice. Human Rights. Those are the values I hold dearest and I will not apologize for them. Rep Ilhan Omar didn’t come to play. This is why republicans want her off the Foreign Affairs Committee.  Get use … Continue reading

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Nikki Haley Shut Down by University of Houston Students For Israel Actions

This is what happens when you come to our neck of the woods peddling bullshit. We’re NOT having it! University of Houston students LIT Nikki Haley UP! FREE! FREE! PALESTINE! US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley received the wrong … Continue reading

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Donald Trump nodded to the ethnic cleansing of Muslims in this country & the US Media remained silent. CALL IT OUT!

Ethnic cleansing of Muslims from this country? Donald Trump is dangerous to the country. We will NOT be distracted by the media’s narrative about Trump not being obligated to defend Potus meme. Trump nodded to the ethnic cleansing of Muslims. … Continue reading

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History Professor Denies Native Genocide: Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled From Course

It pays to know ones history. And it’s evident that the folks who are charged with teaching US History also know our history. Just like slavery, America is not amenable to telling the truth and coming to terms with this … Continue reading

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Free! Free! Palestine! Worldwide protests for Gaza!

Hat tip Mondoweiss

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UNICEF: Israel deliberately targeting Palestinian children in Gaza

If Israel’s barbaric slaughter of innocent Palestinian children doesn’t shock this Nation to its senses, nothing will? There is no justification for the slaughter of 264 innocent little children.  This is terrorism in every sense of the word. Everyone across the … Continue reading

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Terrorism: Israel bombing Gaza Market Place

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White House Condemns Israel’s shelling of UN School in Gaza Strip

WASHINGTON (AP) — The United States is condemning Israel’s shelling of a U.N. school in the Gaza Strip that was sheltering displaced Palestinians. It’s the sharpest criticism the U.S. has leveled at Israel over the more than three weeks of … Continue reading

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President Obama Speaks At The U.S Holocaust Memorial Museum

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