History Professor Denies Native Genocide: Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled From Course

It pays to know ones history. And it’s evident that the folks who are charged with teaching US History also know our history.

Just like slavery, America is not amenable to telling the truth and coming to terms with this heinous act against humanity, when it comes to the crimes of genocide against Native Americans

Genocide was certainly committed on Native Americans, and one of the ways besides diseases which were spread by Europeans was KILLING them.


Courtesy: Chiitaanibah Johnson (Navajo/Maidu)

Student Chiitaaniba Johnson’s account below:

Johnson says when she told her U.S. History Professor Maury Wiseman that she disagreed with his assessment that Native Americans did not face Genocide – the professor said she was hijacking his class, and that she was accusing him of bigotry and racism.

The professor then dismissed the class early, apologized for Johnson’s disruptions and told her she was disenrolled at the end of the class on Friday.

Please take the time to read the article in its entirety.

History Professor Denies Native Genocide: Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled from Course.  by Vincent Schilling


What kind of professor would discourage discourse, disagreement, even debate with students who challenge history, without allowing students to hear and discuss, even join in disagreement/agreement of the subject? Professor Maury Wiseman, That’s who.

You don’t pass if you disagree?  You don’t get to stay in the classroom if you disagree; you get expelled, because Professor Maury Wiseman couldn’t handle being challenged about the lies, and allow a student to bring facts.

So naturally, the white tears fall because he took the challenge as a threat to being charged a bigot and racist. Well Professor Wiseman, you called it, not Chiitaanibah Johnson.

Your reaction alone speaks volumes. Clutching those white pearls! You made it all about you, which is what racially insensitive folks do. You can’t be a bigot or a racist if you teach US History. You were challenged with facts that you did not want voiced, by someone who knew their history, and you didn’t like it.

This is the information age, Professor Wiseman, students have access to technology, and can research subjects with the click of a switch.  Most importantly, in Chiitaanibah Johnson’s case, she has been schooled by her family, her ancestors through oral tradition.

You see, Mr. Wiseman, the history books were not written by our ancestors, by folks who actually lived through these atrocities. They were written by folks whose ancestors were on the losing side of history, by the choices they made to enslave, slaughter and wipe out a people for their own selfish gains.

Maury Wiseman
Professor in the History department
at Sacramento City College, Sacramento, CA

SG2: The good Professor Maury Wiseman says the killings of Native Americans wasn’t intentional.

THE HELL YOU SAY, Professor! #AMERIKKKA killing out Native Americans main food source was INTENTIONAL & they posed for pics to show how many Bisons were slaughtered. The Trail of Tears and Wounded Knee were REAL and INTENTIONAL. There will be no white-washing of Native American History. We’re not going to let you do it.

Bison skulls-1870's

I don’t know what kind of university would allow a professor to expell a student from its classroom, because they challenged the content of what was being lectured.

It will be interesting to see the outcome of Chiitaanibah Johnson expulsion from this class. Also because not one of her classmates stood up for her, I’d be curious to know if any of them were Native American. In other words, what is the ethnic makeup of that history class?

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19 Responses to History Professor Denies Native Genocide: Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled From Course

  1. Ametia says:

    UPDATE: Sac State and Native Student Seek ‘Positive Resolution’ on Native Genocide Class Disenrollment Issue

    Vincent Schilling

    A representative from Sacramento State’s News Services department has released a statement to ICTMN regarding the incident in which history professor allegedly told his class he did not like the term ‘genocide’ in relation to Native Americans and that a Native American student who disagreed with him was disenrolled and expelled from his course.

    Read more at https://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2015/09/06/update-sac-state-and-native-student-seek-positive-resolution-native-genocide-class

  2. Ametia says:


    “We at the University believe in academic freedom, and we also believe in civility and rigorous academic research.”

    Sept. 7, 2015 – A university, our university, must be a place of mutual respect, a place that allows for frank discussion in the classroom. Sometimes, discussions can become difficult and even heated, but we must always strive to understand and respect each other. Upon being notified of an alleged incident of intolerance in one of our history courses last week, we have taken immediate action to investigate the situation.

    You may have read or heard about this matter. We released the following statement to media outlets:

    Sacramento State was very concerned upon learning about this incident and the allegations surrounding it. The University would like to make it clear that our student, Chiitaanibah Johnson, was not expelled or disenrolled from this history course. Under University policy, a professor cannot unilaterally disenroll a student from a class.

    President Robert S. Nelsen is looking into what was alleged to have happened. “I take this matter very seriously. I intend to talk to Chiitaanibah Johnson as we work to gather all the information necessary to resolve this situation positively.”

    I write to you today to let you know that I have reached out to Ms. Johnson and that the original article has been updated:


  3. Beverly Shepherd says:

    Very well said and the truth will out, the whole world knows what a farce America is. We are everything we say we are against in other parts of the world. It is too late to change the truth, too many already know, and this time burning the books won’t help.

  4. Ametia says:

    By speaking truth in that classroom Chiitaanibah Johnson was saying:


  5. rikyrah says:

    I read this story a couple of times, with the eyes blinking in disgust.

    Native Americans were a certain population when the White man came to this country.




    The list is endless.

    This phuckery is preposterous.

  6. Amerikkka’s greed, hatred and racism almost but wiped out this beautiful people, culture and way of life. GENOCIDE!

  7. A little bit of Native blood runs in this Chica and you can bet I’m not going to shut up about the Genocide of Native Americans. Nah Nah Nah!

  8. No one would DARE EXPEL a Jewish student for using the term “The Holocaust” but Black people & Native Americans can’t tell their history of GENOCIDE & ENSLAVEMENT? NOT TODAY,SATAN!

  9. AMERIKKA STOLE Native land, culture, way of life, language and then TOOK their children & Prof Wiseman says it wasn’t intentional. WTFF?

    Native American children were taken from their home, stripped of their language and culture or be severely beaten.

    Native American children were taken from their home, stripped of their language and culture or be severely beaten.

  10. Ametia says:

    After the US government slaughtered enough Native Americans, because they wouldn’t conform to their barbaric ways, they decided to draw up bullshit treaties, which they did not HONOR & threw them on reservations.

    Then enters Hollywood movies that depcited Native Americans as uncivil, barbaric, savages, which only white folks like John Wayne can tame.


  11. Good post, Ametia!

    Beat his ass but good!

  12. Ametia says:

    I wouldn’t want to go back to Professor Maury Wiseman’s class, simply because he’s not teaching the TRUTH aboout US History. This much has been exposed.

    Cal State Sacramento University needs to get with the program and ensure their curriculum and professors are bringing the CORRECT content for lectures in US History.

    This incident is evidence of what is taking place in society, politics. Americans are being fed revisionist history, bullshit about America and it’s citizens,and its collective cultures. SHAMEFUL!

    Not today, Professor Wiseman, there will be NO WHITE-WASHING of Native American history.


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