Terrorism: Israel bombing Gaza Market Place

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  1. It’s time to call out Netanyahu for what he is. A terrorist.


    OK Israel, enough is enough. When you start to bomb schools and kill sleeping children you have lost me for good. I knew Netanyahu was a right wing scum bucket, but now he should be considered a terrorist. If Arabs did this, we would be calling them just that. No more double standards, I’m done.

    This is exactly what the Israeli’s have done. They bombed United Nations schools where Palestinian civilians went to escape the bombings because they thought they would be safe there. U.N. officials say they warned the Israeli’s no fewer than 17 times about the locations of these schools and that children would be there and that civilians were gathered there, civilians not terrorists.

    “Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children” said Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. I agree. The Israeli’s claim there was rocket fire from near the school so of course they needed to bomb the entire school. The Geneva Convention prohibits attacks on schools and hospitals, but hey they are Israel so they can get away with it right?

    Anyone who claims there is no double standard at work here is simply full of shit. I mentioned Arabs but if any other country were GazaSchoolbombing schools and killing children at the pace the Israel’s are right now the United States would be leading the charge against that country. The war hawks here would be calling for retaliation and another war against the violating country. Not with Israel. This is as appalling as the despicable acts of violence the Israelis are responsible for.

    There is no excuse. We wouldn’t be accepting one from an Iran or a North Korea or even Germany for that matter. So far there have been 1,328 Palestinian deaths in this Gaza war. There have been 59 Israeli deaths. This is a one-sided massacre. Dare I say a Holocaust? Yes I dare.

    The Israeli’s want this to be seen by everyone as a fair war. If that were the case then the Palestinians would have the same fire power that Israel has. Of course they do not. It makes sense for the right wing of this country to love Netanyahu because they love war. Anyone on the left who backs this daily massacre is a hypocrite. These people will call Bush, Cheney et al, war mongers, but in the same breath they will make excuses for Netanyahu. I’m here to call them on their bullshit hypocrisy.

    The United States and their Israel apologist machine is in full force. The National Security Council has already put out a statement that tried to make the Palestinians equally responsible for the bombings by saying they oppose the Israeli attacks on the schools BUT ALSO oppose Palestinians hiding weapons in the schools. There is yet to be any evidence of that of course and even if there was it’s no excuse to kill innocent civilians and children.

    The word “terrorist” has not been used by the United States in response to these school bombings. I wonder why? Ask yourself if that word would be part of the discourse if the roles were reversed or if one of the “Axis of Evil” were responsible for the attacks. You and I know the answer, it’s obvious.

    There have been several “terrorist” attacks on these schools. The U.N. has said there have been NO weapons stored in these schools by Palestinians. The U.N. is the same organization that said there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

    They were right then and they are right now.

    It’s time to call out Netanyahu for what he is. A terrorist.

  2. OMFG!


    Cowardly, Hypocritical, Subservient Congressional Black Caucus Endorses Israeli Apartheid and Current War Crimes in Gaza.


    Only 2 of over 40 Congressional Black Caucus members voted against legitimizing the 2009 Israeli massacre of 1400 mostly civilians in Gaza, with seven CBC members abstaining. Last week, with the Gaza death toll climbing toward 1,000 not a single CBC member could be bothered to lift a voice against Israel’s genocidal assault of the moment or its ongoing apartheid state in general. Black America should hang our collective heads in shame.

    • The Congressional Black Caucus played a major roll is helping to dismantle apartheid in South Africa but they cowered when it came to helping #Gaza. Nelson Mandela would weep.

      mandela-quote about Palestine

    • Liza says:

      Sad. Shows the stranglehold that AIPAC has on the Democratic Party.

      I keep unsubscribing to their fundraising emails citing “Israel” as the reason. I have to vote for Democrats, but I can’t say I’m enthusiastic about them right now.

  4. Hey Chicas! Looky here!

    IDF’s Gaza assault is to control Palestinian gas, avert Israeli energy crisis


    Yesterday, Israeli defence minister and former Israeli Defence Force (IDF) chief of staff Moshe Ya’alon announced that Operation Protective Edge marks the beginning of a protracted assault on Hamas. The operation “won’t end in just a few days,” he said, adding that “we are preparing to expand the operation by all means standing at our disposal so as to continue striking Hamas.”

    This morning, he said:

    “We continue with strikes that draw a very heavy price from Hamas. We are destroying weapons, terror infrastructures, command and control systems, Hamas institutions, regime buildings, the houses of terrorists, and killing terrorists of various ranks of command… The campaign against Hamas will expand in the coming days, and the price the organization will pay will be very heavy.”

    But in 2007, a year before Operation Cast Lead, Ya’alon’s concerns focused on the 1.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas discovered in 2000 off the Gaza coast, valued at $4 billion. Ya’alon dismissed the notion that “Gaza gas can be a key driver of an economically more viable Palestinian state” as “misguided.” The problem, he said, is that:

    “Proceeds of a Palestinian gas sale to Israel would likely not trickle down to help an impoverished Palestinian public. Rather, based on Israel’s past experience, the proceeds will likely serve to fund further terror attacks against Israel…

    A gas transaction with the Palestinian Authority [PA] will, by definition, involve Hamas. Hamas will either benefit from the royalties or it will sabotage the project and launch attacks against Fatah, the gas installations, Israel – or all three… It is clear that without an overall military operation to uproot Hamas control of Gaza, no drilling work can take place without the consent of the radical Islamic movement.”

    Operation Cast Lead did not succeed in uprooting Hamas, but the conflict did take the lives of 1,387 Palestinians (773 of whom were civilians) and 9 Israelis (3 of whom were civilians).

    Since the discovery of oil and gas in the Occupied Territories, resource competition has increasingly been at the heart of the conflict, motivated largely by Israel’s increasing domestic energy woes.

    Mark Turner, founder of the Research Journalism Initiative, reported that the siege of Gaza and ensuing military pressure was designed to “eliminate” Hamas as “a viable political entity in Gaza” to generate a “political climate” conducive to a gas deal. This involved rehabilitating the defeated Fatah as the dominant political player in the West Bank, and “leveraging political tensions between the two parties, arming forces loyal to Abbas and the selective resumption of financial aid.”

    Ya’alon’s comments in 2007 illustrate that the Israeli cabinet is not just concerned about Hamas – but concerned that if Palestinians develop their own gas resources, the resulting economic transformation could in turn fundamentally increase Palestinian clout.

    • Liza says:

      I think the gas resources have a lot to do with why Bibi says he’s so determined to get rid of the tunnels. If this were just the usual collective punishment, Bibi would be done by now because the death toll is around 1,400. But it is looking as though he’s trying to seize the moment and actually go as far as he can toward getting rid of Hamas and as much of the Palestinian population as possible. This may very well be the final solution driven by what he believes are Israel’s future needs for energy.

      How long can the Palestinians live without access to clean water? And, of course, safe food. My only question is how is Bibi getting away with this despite all that is known and verifiable? The man is a monster from hell.

  5. Breaking: U.N.: “Appalling conditions” in over crowded #Gaza refugee camps, no water, bad hygiene, scabies outbreak.

  6. War and Natural Gas: The Israeli Invasion and Gaza’s Offshore Gas Fields


    In the wake of the invasion, Palestinian gas fields were de facto confiscated by Israel in derogation of international law

    A year following “Operation Cast Lead”, Tel Aviv announced the discovery of the Leviathan natural gas field in the Eastern Mediterranean “off the coast of Israel.”

    At the time the gas field was: “ … the most prominent field ever found in the sub-explored area of the Levantine Basin, which covers about 83,000 square kilometres of the eastern Mediterranean region.” (i)

    Coupled with Tamar field, in the same location, discovered in 2009, the prospects are for an energy bonanza for Israel, for Houston, Texas based Noble Energy and partners Delek Drilling, Avner Oil Exploration and Ratio Oil Exploration. (See Felicity Arbuthnot, Israel: Gas, Oil and Trouble in the Levant, Global Research, December 30, 2013

    The Gazan gas fields are part of the broader Levant assessment area.

  7. No one is making Israel slaughter children. There is no justification for slaughtering a school filled with kids. Genocide is being committed against the people of Gaza.

  8. CNN should start their damn coverage with “CNN stands with Israel”. The coverage is so fucking bias until it’s unreal. They bring out every Israeli they can find to spread their propaganda. I’m so damn sick of it.

  9. Abbas declares ‘humanitarian disaster’ in Gaza, urges UN to provide relief.
    The Palestinian president accuses Israel of depriving Gazans of the right to life, asks the international community to step in.


    Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday that Gaza has become a “humanitarian disaster area” and urged the international community to take responsibility for the crisis and provide aid to the battered enclave.

  10. Israel killing, intimidating journalists amid Gaza communication blackout


    Israel is targeting journalists in the Gaza Strip like it did during its last two major attacks on the 1.8 million Palestinians there.

    Since the current assault began on 7 July, Israel has killed at least seven Palestinian journalists and media workers and directly struck at least four media offices. The latest journalist to be killed, Rami Rayyan, was reporting on families going to the market during what they thought was a four-hour ceasefire on Wednesday afternoon when Israel shelled the Shujaiya market.

    The Electronic Intifada spoke with journalist Yousef Al-Helou just after the attack.

    “Journalists say it is an Israeli attempt to silence the truth,” Al-Helou said. “But Palestinian journalists are determined to continue their work because they say that it is their duty to expose Israeli actions in Gaza that amount to war crimes.”

  11. Palestinians have no shelter, no food, no power. Ambulances & hospitals are being bombed. Where the fuck do you think this is headed?

  12. This is no fucking war. This is ethnic cleansing. Genocide is being committed right before our eyes while the media watch.

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