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Monday Open Thread | The Betrayal of Henry

These people. They are just hideous. Absolutely Hideous. I could barely stomach to read through the entire story. That they’d do this to this CHILD – ABSOLUTELY EVIL. We didn’t get these types of stories during 44’s Administration. There’s a … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | ICE Caught Ripping Family Apart in National City, CA

This hurts my soul. The cruel barbarism of white supremacy. Heartless savages dragging a woman from her daughters. I hate them intensely. Ice Agents are ripping families apart, while people are watching and they don’t give a fuck. It’s no … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | America is no longer a Nation of Immigrants? Really? Seriously?

THESE PEOPLE. They are ridiculous. Outside of the Native American, and the Involuntary Immigrants from Africa… What IS America, if it’s not a Nation of Immigrants? Without IMMIGRATION, how did we build this country? Ellis Island? Statue of Liberty? What … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | It was Going to Be the CRIMINALS, REMEMBER?

I know that I seem to be harping on this. But, I believe that I must. I don’t give a rat’s ass that Dolt45 or Stephen Miller or John Kelly are racist. That they are racist MUST be brought up … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | What Kind of Country Are We? The Statue of Liberty Weeps…

When Dolt45 was running, he was lying about immigration. ” Two Million Criminal Illegals are here.” Really? Seriously? Knew that was a lie, but of course, his deplorables ate it up. So, post election, where’s the roundup of the two … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | White Supremacy Strikes Again: Dolt45 Ends DACA

Here is a twitter feed explaining DACA. How DACA works and its impact on many Americans This affects 800,000 young people and their families. You think that they care about destroying the lives of these young people and their families? … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | But, THEY SAID.. it was about the CRIMINALS

I know that I keep on posting articles about this topic, but I think people need to understand what is going on with ICE in this country. And, because of what’s going on with ICE, I don’t want to hear … Continue reading

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