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Monday Open Thread | The Latest Evil on Immigration From This Administration

I was in fourth grade when I first went to school with anyone not Black. I was in seventh grade when I first met someone from an immigrant family. I was in eighth grade when I first met someone who … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | Let’s Catch Up On State Sanctioned Kidnapping

Told @JoeNBC about most shocking news in the latest numbers of still-separated kids: over 1/3 of parents *aren't eligible* for reunification. And @jheil asked critical question about points we must keep demanding answers on — like already released parents and … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | More About Immigration

Back with more Immigration information. Now, their racism is endangering the National Security of the United States. They would rather be racist, than to keep America secure.   US Army quietly discharging immigrant recruits SAN ANTONIO (AP) — Some immigrant … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | The Latest From the Demons , re: Immigration

So, the latest about the evil being done at the borders. People have felt helpless, then angry, and have been about ‘ what can we do to help others?’ So, there was a couple who saw the pictures of the … Continue reading

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Families Belong Together Rally

On Saturday, June 30, demonstrations worldwide will protest against the Trump administration policy that has led to the separation of families and the detention and abuse of thousands of immigrant children. The administration came under fire last week as heartbreaking … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | Judge orders Trump administration to reunite migrant families

A federal judge on Tuesday ruled that U.S. immigration agents could no longer separate immigrant parents and children caught crossing the border from Mexico illegally, and must work to reunite those families that had been split up in custody. United … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | Where Are The Immigrant Children

What is the Trump regime planning on doing with those kids? Selling them for adoption, human trafficking? There is some wicked EVIL going on. Some folks need to be jailed over this. It’s monstrous what Trump, Jeff Sessions, and Kristjen … Continue reading

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