Open Thread | The Latest Horrors From This Administration and Immigration

The evil never sleeps with this Administration:
After Receiving Denial Letters, Immigrants Fear End Of Medical Deferral Program

August 26, 2019
Updated Aug 27, 2019 12:12 PM

Dismaying immigrants and advocates, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) sent out letters saying the agency will no longer consider most deferrals of deportation for people with serious medical conditions, documents show.
The agency is now saying those decisions will be made by another agency: U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).
That was not made clear to Boston-area immigrants who received the denial letters last week. Advocates said they received no formal announcement of a change in policy.
The small program known as “medical deferred action” allows people to remain in the U.S. for two-year periods if they can prove extreme medical need. Many of the people affected by the policy change came to the U.S. through a visa or other permitted status and are requesting to stay beyond those terms to receive medical treatment.
Hours after this story was published Monday, a USCIS spokeswoman responded to several requests for clarification about the policy shift to say that “medical deferred action requests are now submitted to ICE for consideration.”
This shift in policy has not been announced publicly by the government, and immigration advocates and attorneys question why this new process wasn’t mentioned in the denial letters.

So, think about that. They make a huge change in this program. Send the letters out, but, don’t mention the new process in the denial letters. Why is that? If you are on the up and up. If you are trying to do right, then why not mention it, instead of bringing this kind of disturbance and pain to these families?

So, then, I found this article:

Feds Can’t Agree On Which Agency — If Any — Handles Medical Deportation Deferrals
August 28, 2019
· Shannon Dooling

Agencies within the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have offered contradictory accounts of how requests to a humanitarian program known as medical deferred action are now being handled, and by whom — throwing the future of the decades-old program into question.
Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley said Wednesday she may call for a congressional oversight hearing into the status of medical deferred action after denial letters sent this week had many immigrants and advocates fearing the program’s end.
“What’s so troubling about this beyond the cruelty of it, is the lack of transparency around the process,” Pressley, a Democrat, said. “There was no public comment period, not even a public announcement of this, and so I’m working with my colleagues to get answers and to urge this administration to change course.”


USCIS said this week that another agency — U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — would now be handling those requests.
On Wednesday, however, ICE rejected this claim. An ICE official told WBUR that the agency was not informed by USCIS that USCIS would stop processing the deferral requests. “There is no program at ICE that’s going to take over that function,” the ICE official said.
“ICE is not going to implement any sort of a program or procedure or policy to take over that function,” the ICE official said. “We’d like USCIS to clarify what they mean, and we’re working collaboratively to get them to be a little more forthcoming about it.”

So now, you send out letters, devastating these parents of the sick children. Then, when folks call you on it, you come up with the bullshyt that another agency is now handling it, and you just ‘ forgot’ to put that in the letter, but, NOW, we have that the agencies DON’T KNOW WHO ACTUALLY HANDLES THE DEFERRALS? WHY does this smell like complete and utter bullshyt. Creating a problem, when there was none. And, mark my words, SOMEONE IS GOING TO DIE BECAUSE OF THIS.





Maddow has been reporting on this:

‘The most inhumane of all of Donald Trump’s policies’

Rachel Maddow continues reporting on the Trump administration’s new policy of targeting sick immigrant children, dependent on medical treatment in the United States, for deportation with just 33 days notice. Aug. 28, 2019

Trump sparks panic, chaos targeting ailing immigrant children
Mahsa Khanbabai, chair of the New England chapter of American Immigration Lawyers, talks with Rachel Maddow about trying to help vulnerable, medically dependent immigrant children and their families from having treatment interrupted by deportation by the Trump administration, amid the chaos in which ICE is saying they were blindsided by the USCIS policy change.

These muthaphuckin’ DEMONS.

Trump administration leaves menstruating migrant girls ‘bleeding through’ underwear at detention centres, lawsuit claims
‘The president’s actions and policies are cruel, inhumane and illegal’

Andrew Buncombe

Migrant girls being held by the Trump administration are being given only very limited access to items as basic as sanitary pads and tampons, according to a lawsuit that claims to put fresh light on the “appalling” conditions being endured by youngsters.

Earlier this year, it was revealed children being held in facilities in Texas operated by immigration authorities, were being detained in circumstances United Nations (UN) human rights chief Michelle Bachelet said appalled her. Children were denied access to showers, adequate food or bedding, allegedly in breach of a 20-year ruling.

Now, in a lawsuit filed by 19 states, further details have been provided by some of those children, who told investigators they were held in rooms too small to sit down in, were repeatedly woken through the night by “roll calls”, and were made to fight for food that guards threw on the floor.

One young woman told lawyers from Washington state, that menstruating youngsters were permitted only one tampon, or sanitary pad, a day. After that, at least one girl “had no choice but to continue to wear her soiled underwear” and clothes.

Always, always….


DA PHUQ??😠😠😠

Previously, children born to U.S. citizen parents were considered to be “residing in the United States,” and therefore would be automatically given citizenship under Immigration and Nationality Act 320. Now, children born to U.S. service members and government employees, such as those born in U.S. military hospitals or diplomatic facilities, will not be considered as residing in the U.S., changing the way that they potentially receive citizenship.

The change in policy was first reported by San Francisco Chronicle reporter Tal Kopan.

According to USCIS, previous legislation also explicitly said that spouses of service members who were living outside the U.S. because of their spouses were considered residing in the U.S., but “that no similar provision was included for children of U.S. armed forces members in the acquisition of citizenship context is significant.”
That is one of the reasons why USCIS has now decided that those children are notconsidered to be residing in the U.S., and therefore will not be automatically given citizenship. Instead, they will fall under INA 322, which considers them to be residing outside the U.S. and requires them to apply for naturalization…

Tell it, Malcolm

Elijah E. Cummings (@RepCummings) Tweeted:
The Trump Admin’s new policy is abominable.
Children born to service members and other government employees must automatically be citizens.
Our service members and public servants are working for the safety and security of our country and they deserve far better than this.

Then, later on, one of the reporters was like, ‘well, the Administration says that it doesn’t apply to biological children of service people, only adopted ones’, and folks pointed back to these reporters:
1. That’s not what the letter announcing the policy change said
2. Referring to #1, if that was the case, then wouldn’t you have printed that in the first place.
3. Who you going to believe- this lying azz Administration, or your own eyes and reading comprehension skilled?

For anyone inclined to give this lying azz Administration the benefit of the doubt about the new policy with regards to military overseas and their children….remember the above story about the new guidelines for the Medical Deferral Program:
Here you go.
Like some of us.have said.. watch what they are doing…not the bullshyt they feed to you 😠😠😠

I don’t know how many of these stories that I have to present to you. The attack on citizenship, and who these White Nationalists controlling immigration policy ‘want’ in this country. But, since you might need reminding, here we go:
1. The going back on the promise of citizenship to those immigrants who have served in our military. Breaking that bond.
2. The not-granting of citizenship to adopted children of same sex couples
3. The sending back of longtime residents of this country, to countries that they don’t know.
4. The attack on DACA children
5. The deporting of immigrant spouses of military personnel WHILE ON ACTIVE DUTY
6. Deporting people who might have had non-violent crimes on their records from a decade or TWO DECADES AGO
7. Trying to strip citizenship from NATURALIZED CITIZENS

Since the beginning of this Administration, I have posted stories about ALL of these categories.

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