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Open Thread | The Heinous Acts of Abbott and DeSantis With Regards to Migrants

There are those who believe that the actions of Abbott and DeSantis with regards to Migrants was to ‘distract’ folks from the Abortion issue, which is a loser for the GOP. And, it might be true, because when all else … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Jerry Nadler calls Trump immigration policy “literal kidnapping.”

. @JerryNadler grills border official, calling Trump immigration policy "literal kidnapping." — TheBeat w/Ari Melber (@TheBeatWithAri) July 25, 2019

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Kirstjen Nielsen need to be taken to The Hague

DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has resigned but she should be taken to The Hague and prosecuted for crimes against humanity. Little kids locked in cages like dogs, separated from their parents, molested, living in horrible conditions, some died, little babies … Continue reading

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Todd Kohlhepp | What We Know About the Man Accused of Kidnapping Kala Brown

Investigators are still scouring the 100-acre property in South Carolina where a woman who had been missing for two months was found with a chain around her neck inside a metal storage container. A tip led investigators to the large … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | International Slavery Museum Liverpool

“The transatlantic slave trade was the greatest forced migration in history. And yet the story of the mass enslavement of Africans by Europeans is one of resilience and survival against all the odds, and is a testament to the unquenchable … Continue reading

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President Buhari Receives Rescued #Chibokgirl, Amina Ali, At The Presidential Villa

Hat tip Alasholuyi Blog President Buhari received Amina Ali, one of the rescued abducted 219 Chibok Schoolgirls, at the State House earlier today, May 19. The rescued girl who nurses a four month old baby was led into the Villa … Continue reading

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Why America needs a slavery museum: “The history of this country is rooted in slavery”

Hat tip: The Atlantic The Whitney Plantation near Wallace, Louisiana, is the first and only U.S. museum and memorial to slavery. While other museums may include slavery in their exhibits, the Whitney Plantation is the first of its kind to … Continue reading

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Black History | Slave Life Pictures

Built in the 1830s, Oak Alley Plantation in Vacherie, Louisiana was home to over one hundred house and field slaves (photographed 2001). Photo Credit: Philip Gould/CORBIS

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#BringBackOurGirls: The Search for the Chibok School Girls

The US surveillance planes have begun flying missions over a remote area of Nigeria as part of a mounting international effort to find and rescue more than 200 teenage girls abducted by Islamist militants almost a month ago. The … Continue reading

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Ramaa Mosley: Hijacking the Hashtag #BringBackOurGirls

Ramaa Mosley tried to hijack the hashtag, #BringBackOurGirls and claim she started it and tie it to her organization “Girl Rising” to Fund Raise off of it. Please be aware. Nothing disgusts me more than a thief trying to capitalize off … Continue reading

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