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Julian Castro on Reparations: ‘Why Wouldn’t You Compensate People Who Actually Were Property?’

Julian Castro clocked the shyt outta Bernie Sanders. Bernie just got uncovered for his bigoted racism about reparations. Notice when folks bring up reparations for black people, Bernie says that would be divisive,  what about poor white people? Poor white … Continue reading

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Video| Ann Romney: “My Biggest Concern If Mitt’s Elected Is His MENTAL Well Being”

Because we REALLY don’t want this man anywhere near this: Interview here:  Ann Romney Campaigns for Husband in Reno 3 Chics’ BIGGEST concern is Mitt’s MENDACITY for LYING, because if anyone who LIES as much as Mitt Romney has lied … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum Goes There… First “BLAH PEOPLE” & Now This Is What Candiate Barack Obama is Like “Anti-War GOVERNMENT NIGG…A”…

RICK SANTORUM, YOU’RE COOKED, FRIED, STICK A FORK IN YOUR ASS, YOU’RE DONE! OUTTA HERE AND SO IS THE SO-CALLED REPUBLICAN PARTY! If Rick Santorum was banking on stirring up the rabid GOP base for next Tuesday’s primary in Wisconsin … Continue reading

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Ron Paul, Libertarian, Leads In Iowa- Really? | About that Racist Newsletter…

NAW SON, YOU DON’T GET TO ESCAPE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR  PAST ACTIONS; OWN IT! HAT TIP SG2 Sounds like Paul took responsibility for that newsletter back then, doesn’t it? Read Steve Benen’s article on Paul: December 22, 2011 8:35 AM- … Continue reading

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