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The Conservative Plan To Amend The Constitution | AM Joy | MSNBC

Despite #45’s utter incompetence, ignorant word-salad vocabulary, the GOP—looking at McConnell etc., they are wreaking havoc on our DEMOCRACY. We’re four states away from a Constitutional Convention. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS? STAY WOKE FOLKS! ICYMI Sunday, 1/7/18 … Continue reading

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Senator Claire McCaskill & Governor Jay Nixon All the Citzens of Missouri are your Constituents-This Includes Ferguson!

Missouri Leadership to Ferguson Citizens: If it’s true Darren Wilson is testifying before the Grand jury today, and AG Holder is rolling into town Wednesday, it’s becoming clearer now why Governor Nixon ordered the National Guard in Ferguson. Q&A: The … Continue reading

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Ron Paul, Libertarian, Leads In Iowa- Really? | About that Racist Newsletter…

NAW SON, YOU DON’T GET TO ESCAPE QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR  PAST ACTIONS; OWN IT! HAT TIP SG2 Sounds like Paul took responsibility for that newsletter back then, doesn’t it? Read Steve Benen’s article on Paul: December 22, 2011 8:35 AM- … Continue reading

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