The Conservative Plan To Amend The Constitution | AM Joy | MSNBC

Despite #45’s utter incompetence, ignorant word-salad vocabulary, the GOP—looking at McConnell etc., they are wreaking havoc on our DEMOCRACY.

We’re four states away from a Constitutional Convention.



Here’s the full show- The segment on Constitution Convention starts at the 56:00 minute mark

Revisit from October 2017 show:

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3 Responses to The Conservative Plan To Amend The Constitution | AM Joy | MSNBC

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  2. rikyrah says:

    Thanks for this Ametia.

    I know that they were talking about Social Security and Medicare. And, I don’t doubt that they would want to break those programs. They’ve been attempting to roll back the New Deal for forever.

    But, their hatred of the 14th Amendment is legendary.

    ALLLLLLL the positive steps that we have taken as a society, since 1954 , is rooted in the 14th Amendment.
    ALLL of it.
    And, into it, they have been obsessed with birth citizenship. You can see how they feel about immigrants. You don’t think they’d want to get away with that?
    Then, there’s the no Poll Tax- they wouldn’t mind repealing that either.
    Or, the direct election of Senators?

    Uh huh. This shyt has to be cut off at the path.

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    • Ametia says:

      eXACTLY! MN is one of the 4 states reamining.

      “, into it, they have been obsessed with birth citizenship”
      The orange POS started with the birther nonsense with PBO. They want to keep that white boys club in the WH. Can’t encourage those “foreigners” & other POC to run for POTUS!

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