AUDIO: City workers in Green County, Oklahoma joked about calling Martin Luther King Day “n*gger day”

In audio supplied to Fox 23 Tulsa, city workers in Green County, Oklahoma can be heard joking about calling Martin Luther King Day “n*gger day,” with one man suggesting naming it after the civil rights leader’s assassin.

According to the report, the audio was given to the station by Michael Wittmer, a city employee in the tiny city of Warner, who claims he has been recording talk at meetings and around the office because he said most days little work gets done.

What he recorded on Monday stunned him as one unidentified man can be heard asking, “Do we get Martin Luther King day off?”

“No n*gger day off for us,” another man replies.

According to Wittmer, the speakers in the audio are high ranking city employees, but he did not identify them in the report that continues with the following exchange between the men.

“We’re off for n*gger day?” one man asks again, to which another man states, “Yeah, it says a holiday, take a holiday.”

“I’m not celebrating n*gger day,” another man adds, before continuing, “But we just call it J.E.R. day……James Earl Ray,” after which laughter can be heard at the mention of King’s killer.

“Not that we don’t like black people,” the conversation continues. “I’m not racist, that just what it’s called here.”

According to the report, the city has called an emergency meeting on Wednesday, January 10, with an investigation to follow.

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8 Responses to AUDIO: City workers in Green County, Oklahoma joked about calling Martin Luther King Day “n*gger day”

  1. vitaminlover says:

    Just pitiful. Over the years I have heard white people here call Dr. King’s holiday the same thing.

  2. nedhamson says:

    Too many jerks like this throughout the country. If they are not called out – they go on and believe others agree with them. This guy will probably get the shaft for reporting it.

    • The guy has a good heart. He didn’t like the ISH that was going on. Thank God for video and audio. When more people like him take a stand and say no more, then we’ll see change. It’s coming!

  3. Ametia says:


  4. #Amerikkka is a racist hell hole.

  5. City workers in Green County, Oklahoma joked about celebrating the assassin of Dr Martin Luther King….J.E.R. day……James Earl Ray.

    There is no hope for these vile evil people. No amount of diversity training will help them. Don’t waste time. FIRE THEM!

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