Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Owe Their Jobs to The Recovery Act…MEANWHILE Here’s A Recap of Romney’s ECONOMIC PLAN: The Ryan Budget Plan For America

New CBO Report Finds Hundreds of Thousands of People Still Owe Their Jobs to the Recovery Act

A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report estimates that the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) increased the number of people employed by between 200,000 and 1.5 million jobs in March.[1]   In other words, between 200,000 and 1.5 million people employed in March owed their jobs to the Recovery Act.  This estimate, by Congress’ non-partisan economic and budget analysts, is more comprehensive than the 160,000 jobs that ARRA recipients reported in April, CBO explains.

Mitt Romney LIES:

As Mike Allen of Politico explains today, the Romney campaign and American Crossroads are undertaking a sustained attack (uncoordinated, of course, since coordination would be illegal) on the Obama administration’s economy policies

Mitt Romney’s campaign events and the firepower of American Crossroads will both focus this week on President Barack Obama’s jobs record as a way to fight off charges about the Republican candidate’s private-sector experience, with a Romney aide attacking the stimulus as “the mother of all earmarks….”

A senior campaign aide said Romney will argue that Obama has actually subtracted jobs: “Were these investments the best return on tax dollars, or given for ideological reasons, to donors, for political reasons? He spent $800 billion of everybody’s money. How’d it work out?”

“It was the mother of all earmarks, not a jobs plan,” the aide said. “By wasting all of this money, you had the worst of all worlds: It destroyed confidence in the economy and makes people less likely to borrow money. Dodd-Frank has been a disaster for the economy. Where are the steady hands? Who’s in charge of energy? Where’s the strong, confident voice on the economy?”



So here are ten questions for anyone who supports the Ryan budget:

1) Do you support eliminating the child tax credit?

2) Do you support eliminating the deduction for mortgage interest?

3) Do you support eliminating the National Weather Service and all of NOAA?

4) Do you support eliminating Pell Grants and student loans?

5) Do you support ending all federal spending on highways, air traffic control, and other forms of transportation?

6) Do you support shutting down FEMA?

7) Do you support shutting down federal prisons, the FBI, and other federal law enforcement agencies?

8) Do you support ending all foreign aid — including Israel?

9) Do you support eliminating NASA?

10) Do you support eliminating the FDA and all food safety inspections?

From Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Statement of Robert Greenstein, President, on Chairman Ryan’s Budget Plan

Under Chairman Ryan’s budget, our nation would be a very different one — less fair and less generous, with an even wider gap between the very well-off and everyone else (especially between rich and poor) — and our society would be a coarser one.

It need not be this way. In 1990, 1993, and 1997, policymakers enacted major deficit reduction packages that reduced deficits in a more balanced way, without increasing poverty. Deficit reduction does not require the Scrooge-like, Gilded-Age policies that the Ryan plan embodies. Our nation and our people are better, and they deserve better.

And I love this clip:

Obama Presses Journalists On False Equivalence

Check out this great piece from Deaniac83 from The People’s View.

What they won’t tell you: +827,000 private sector jobs in 2012

Dont’ get it twisted, MOFOs.

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8 Responses to Hundreds Of Thousands Of People Owe Their Jobs to The Recovery Act…MEANWHILE Here’s A Recap of Romney’s ECONOMIC PLAN: The Ryan Budget Plan For America

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    • Ametia says:

      NEW YORK (The Borowitz Report) – Businessman Donald Trump’s endorsement of former Governor Mitt Romney could help the presumptive GOP nominee win over the support of a constituency that has been cool to him thus far: billionaire assholes.

      Reportedly, the top .00001% wealthiest Americans have regarded Mr. Romney with suspicion to date, wondering, in the words of one billionaire, “if he’s really one of us.”

      “It’s a bit of a reach for us billionaires to vote for someone like Romney, who just has a couple of hundred million in the bank,” said Grayson Rance, a billionaire who has so far viewed the former Massachusetts governor warily. “But if a bona fide billionaire asshat like Trump is for him, that makes you give the guy a second chance.”

      Mr. Rance said that it was hard to believe that Mr. Romney, “who only owns five or six homes, could relate to people like us and understand our problems,” but that Mr. Trump’s thumbs-up “counts for a lot.”

      Speaking on CNN’s “Situation Room,” Mr. Trump told host Wolf Blitzer his reason for endorsing Mr. Romney: “After four years of a President who was born overseas, its time for a President who was born here and sends his money overseas.”

      As for Mr. Romney, he experienced a rare emotional moment on Memorial Day, placing a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Banker.

  3. Ametia says:

    Michael Tomasky on Mitt Romney’s Economic Failure in Massachusetts
    by Michael Tomasky May 29, 2012 4:00 AM EDT

    Mitt Romney loves to attack Barack Obama’s record of job creation as president. Too bad Mitt’s record as Massachusetts governor pales in comparison.

    Bain? Dude, that’s so last week. Let’s talk Massachusetts. President Obama dropped little hints toward the end of last week that Romney’s job-creation record as the Bay State’s governor would also be on the table. So let’s get the facts. They do not support, frankly, an argument from Obama that he is the better job-creator as chief executive than Romney. But they do support an argument that Romney—when working in the public sector, not the private, as he obviously would be as president—had a downright embarrassing jobs record, especially for a state with higher-than-average education levels. And they do support an argument that, if you subtract the difficulties that were sitting there to smack each man in the face when he took the oath of office, Obama has had the better of it. And though he might have a hard time making that case, the case against the opposition is plain and direct.

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