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Tuesday Open Thread | It’s Election Day – Get Out And Vote

Virginia, New Jersey – GET OUT AND VOTE Maine – Vote FOR the Medicaid expansion and help your neighbors get access to healthcare. Just reminders of why Democrats need to get out and vote: This is just a sampling of … Continue reading

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Video | Diane Sawyer- Governor Chris Christie Interview Post Internal GWB Gate Investigation

Chris Christie: “I’OIN’T KNOW NOTHIN’ BOUT’ NO PORT AUTHORITY & LANE CLOSING! And this sorry ass SOFTBALL INTERVIEW is PATHETIC! Christie cleared in his own probe, but others loom   Seriously, BALLS on this CLOWN.  Hires his CRONIES to investigate … Continue reading

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Video | 8 Members of Phillipsburg High School Wrestling Team Suspended From School & Meet for Lynching Photo

This is the kind of reporting that goes under the media radar, because, guess what? These boys were just having what they would label as “innocent fun.” And yet this is the very kind of behavior that breeds the Zimmermans … Continue reading

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Video | Governor Chris Christie BLASTS GOP House For blocking Sandy Relief

“66 days and counting…Shame on YOU; SHAME ON CONGRESS!” Full conference here on C-Span  Govrnor Christie said he called Speaker Boehner 4 times, and he never returned his calls, nor did he give an explanation as to why the measure … Continue reading

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Videos | GOP ABANDONED Vote On Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds: Rep. Peter King Says “Indefensible!”

One has to question the motives of the GOP for not voting on and passing the Sandy Reief Funds bill. It would be too much like say, DOING THEIR JOBS for the AMERICAN people. But like clockwork, Speaker Boehner’s letting … Continue reading

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Video | Lawrence O’Donnell’s Rewrite Tells The Truth About GOP, Earmarks, & New Jersey Disaster Relief

Governor Christie sure did learn very quickly that New Jersey didn’t build that all by itself, but he’s also no fool, and did what he knew was right for the citizens of his state. THE LAST WORD- REWRITE :  “You … Continue reading

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Photos| President Obama & Chris Christie tour New Jersey storm damage

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Videos | President Obama Tours New Jersey Storm Aftermath With Governor Chris Christie

UPDATE: From the New York Times:  <Snip>  The overnight transformation of Mr. Christie from political slasher to disaster governor is a reflection of the magnitude of the devastation in New Jersey. Asked on Fox News whether Mr. Romney might tour … Continue reading

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Governor Scott Walker Strategy: ” DIVIDE & CONQUER” | RECALL!

ALL THE EVIDENCE WISCONSINITES NEED TO RECALL THIS BASTARD RIGHT HERE: Check out these posts outlinning the damage of Governor “DIVIDE & CONQUER” has bestowed on the state of Wisconsin. Why Recall Scott Walker?  by BooMan When he was running … Continue reading

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Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley’s “Sharp” Support of President Obama | Face The Nation interview

Look up RAPIER WIT in Webster’s and you’ll likely find a photo of Governor O’Malley A REAL DEMOCRATIC PRESIDENT Check out full Governor Chris Christies segment on Face The Nation with Bob Schieffer here. Governor Martin o’Malley’s full interview here.

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