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Photos | President Obama speaks at University of Hartford on Gun Control

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Video | President Obama Speaks on Common-Sense Measures to Reduce Gun Violence – Updated

Updated And to all the those whining who profess the President needs to lead on gun safety, yah dah, yah dah! this means you Chris Matthews and Ms. Dan Senor-warhawkgotusintoiraqwar- Campbell Brown.   It’s not that he isn’t leading, it’s … Continue reading

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Videos | GOP ABANDONED Vote On Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds: Rep. Peter King Says “Indefensible!”

One has to question the motives of the GOP for not voting on and passing the Sandy Reief Funds bill. It would be too much like say, DOING THEIR JOBS for the AMERICAN people. But like clockwork, Speaker Boehner’s letting … Continue reading

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VIDEO | President Obama On Mitt Romney’s TAX Plan: “ROMNEY-HOOD” Takes From The Middle Class & Gives to The Rich

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers remarks at an election campaign fundraiser in Stamford, Connecticut, August 6, 2012. UPDATE: IT’S LIKE ROBINHOO IN REVERSE-ROMNEY HOOD Obama derides opponent’s tax plan as ‘Romney Hood’ 3 Chics will post the video when available.

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VOTE 2010: Let’s Push Those Asses Across The Finish Line… ALL of them!

The Democratic Party has been working to GET OUT THE VOTE (GOTV) and(ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA (OFA) have been working feverishly to GOTV.  OFA is a grassroots organization, so you know they’re on the ground and in the trenches doing all the grunt … Continue reading

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First Lady Michelle Obama Rallies In Connecticut & New York City: Attends DNC Fundraiser

First Lady Michelle Obama to attendees at NYC fundraiser: First lady Michelle Obama asked women on Monday to support Democrats in next month’s midterm elections, urging them not to lose faith in her husband’s vision for the country even if … Continue reading

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