Photos | President Obama speaks at University of Hartford on Gun Control

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8 Responses to Photos | President Obama speaks at University of Hartford on Gun Control

  1. “In my heart, I knew what the back room meant…”

  2. Newtown families shouldn’t have to stare down lawmakers in order to get change in gun laws. Protecting children should be a priority any day, anytime, anywhere without question.

  3. Ametia says:


    Newtown families deserve a vote. Period.

    It’s been four months since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, and we are so close to a vote on universal background checks – a move that 90 percent of Americans back. Unbelievably, Senate Republicans are threatening to filibuster this bill that will save lives.

    Senate Republicans refuse to even vote on universal background checks just to add another point to their NRA score sheet, instead of putting the safety of our families and our children first. Shame on them. Republicans are clearly afraid of a debate on background checks in full, public view.

    Newtown families are coming to Washington this week to speak with Senators about preventing gun violence. But, Republicans are determined to stop debate on this life-saving bill every step of the way. Our children cannot afford a filibuster on universal background checks.

    We can’t wait for another tragedy. This filibuster could actually be deadly.

  4. 3chicks, you really do have a way with photography! it’s ALWAYS your images that stop me in my tracks!

  5. CarolMaeWY says:

    Thanks for sharing all the photos. So sad.

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