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Video | The Last Word | Democrats & the History of Social Security| Frances Perkins

Last night on The Last Word, Lawrence O’Donnell reminded us about the history of Social Security. And yes, Bill Clinton’s hand in the history is included.  President Obama took notes from Ms. Perkins and included her ideas in his budget … Continue reading

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Gladys Zimmerman: Why Should George be in Jail for Killing a Black Boy?!

Dear Gladys Zimmerman, When does your son George get a free pass for murdering a 17 year old Black boy, Trayvon Martin? Your lettter clearly indicates you think George should get a FREE PASS for killing a black boy, and … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | Luther Vandross Week

Coupled with that voice was Luther’s unique ability to write and sing about love and the shared emotions we all feel in that search for and enjoyment of love.  Love of family, friends, that special someone–all were themes Luther explored … Continue reading

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