Photos| President Obama & Chris Christie tour New Jersey storm damage

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  1. Helping the Survivors of Hurricane Sandy

  2. Must be nice to be held so gently by the President of the United States!

  3. Governor Chris Christie and President Barack Obama talk with and consul some residents sheltering at the Brigantine Community Center in Brigantine NJ on October 31, 2012. Governor’s office Tim Larson.

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  5. Disaster relief: Obama, Romney differ on federal role

    Washington (CNN) — When Chris Christie praises President Barack Obama as “outstanding” and “incredibly supportive,” you know something extraordinary has occurred.

    Obama updated on Sandy; praised by Christie

    In this case, it was once-in-a-lifetime Superstorm Sandy, which caused the outspoken Republican governor of New Jersey to declare a state of emergency and seek federal help for widespread devastation.

    Interviewed Tuesday on NBC, Christie described Obama’s response as “outstanding,” and he told CNN that the president had been “incredibly supportive and helpful to our state.”

  6. For Obama, A First Term Bookended By Crises In New York

    WASHINGTON — In the fall of 2008, a crisis in downtown Manhattan allowed Sen. Barack Obama to demonstrate leadership skills that helped propel him to the presidency. Four years later, another crisis there is offering him the opportunity to close the deal on a second term.

    Time is not all that separates the collapse of the financial markets and the destructive force of Hurricane Sandy, which hit New York City this past Monday. The longterm social, economic and environmental impacts of the events differ vastly as well.

    But for Obama, the two crises are bookends to his first term in office, each providing him a public stage on which to demonstrate the brand of practical, results-oriented politics that he preaches but has, occasionally, found difficult to execute.

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    The first Republican to work with President Obama…because he needs help. Obama was there for him right away. Not 3 days later (Romney in MA disaster), not 7 days later (Bush with Katrina), but he answered the call immediately, according to Gov. Christie (R-NJ). This is the kind of leader we need. Not someone who serves only white people. Not someone who serves only the rich and corporations. We need a leader who serves ALL Americans!

  8. Ametia says:

    These photos tell the tale. And they look like the America I know and Love. There’s no excuse for the fuckery the GOP has unleashed on America, for the last 4 years.

  9. vitaminlover says:

    Well this is a political comment but this seals the deal and puts President Obam over the top for 4 more years.

  10. Marla Miller says:

    Terrific ladies-thank you & sharing now!! hope ur all safe.

  11. President Obama hugs Nth Pt Marina owner Donna Vanzant as he tours damage done by Sandy, NJ)

  12. Conservatives Bash Christie For Cooperating With Obama Post-Sandy

    As New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) joined President Obama today to survey the devastated shores of the New Jersey coastline, conservative commentators launched into political attacks, calling him “fat and a fool,” and claiming that the tour of the damage was a shared campaign event.

    Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh, who normally reserves his derision for Democrats, went so far as to say of Christie: “He’s fat and a fool. Don’t listen to Governor Christie. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.” But Limbaugh clinched the quote with his reasoning for being so vicious: “He makes fun of me all the time.”

  13. New Jersey Chris Christie Praises Obama, Doesn’t ‘Give a Damn’ about Election Day’

  14. Obama takes in damage with Christie in New Jersey

    (CNN) – Normally rivals, President Barack Obama and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie made no mention of politics Wednesday to tour and assess widespread devastation near Atlantic City, two days after a superstorm left parts of the iconic resort destroyed.

    “I cannot thank the president enough for his personal concern and compassion for our state and the people of our state,” Christie said after surveying damage from Sandy in Brigantine, New Jersey.

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