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Open Thread | Brett Favre Is A THIEF!

Mississippi is one of the poorest states of the United States of America. We have Republicans running the state who literally have the slave master mentality. They thieve money from the least of these and be sure to enrich themselves. … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Capitol City of Mississippi-Jackson- Is Without Useable Water

The Capitol City of Mississippi- Jackson – is without useable water. This is not by accident. This is by deliberate design. And, I’m going to need the Black Blue Checks, who didn’t open their muthaphuckin’ mouths about Flint, and couldn’t … Continue reading

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Congressional Hearing On The Flint Michigan Water Crisis (CRIME)

In case you MISSED IT MISSING IN ACTION from the hearigs? Governor Rick Synder and BLACK OVER-SEER- Darnell Earley. Former Flint EM expected to testify before Congress How about Governor Rick Snyder?  Is he EXPECTED to testify before CONGRESS?

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American Disaster: Crisis In Flint | Rachel Maddow Holds a Town Hall

Rachel Maddow has been on this Flint lead poisoning- Governor Snyder-Emergency Manager clusterfuck! Kudo, Ms. Maddow. RECAP here: Liza: “Snyder (most likely) thinks there were enough screw-ups and enough complicit players in this evil scheme that he can point fingers … Continue reading

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