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Open Thread | The Capitol City of Mississippi-Jackson- Is Without Useable Water

The Capitol City of Mississippi- Jackson – is without useable water. This is not by accident. This is by deliberate design. And, I’m going to need the Black Blue Checks, who didn’t open their muthaphuckin’ mouths about Flint, and couldn’t … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Infrastructure Bill IS A BFD!

The passage of the Infrastructure Bill IS a BFD. The joke during Dolt45’s term was that it was always “Infrastructure Week.’ But, despite holding the White House and both houses of Congress, nothing was ever passed. Well, Nancy Smash did … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Funny Thing About Infrastructure

The President and the Democrats are proposing a two trillion infrastructure plan.     The Republicans think that someone is playing with them. They are trying to find a way to combat the Democrats’ proposal. Their old playbook doesn’t work. … Continue reading

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