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Open Thread | Mississippi…Jim Crow Revisited😠

Just absolutely racist to the core.😠 Instead of helping Jackson escape its water crisis, Mississippi House Republicans are snatching judicial power from this majority-Black city. They "passed a bill to create a separate, unelected court system in the city of … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Brett Favre Is A THIEF!

Mississippi is one of the poorest states of the United States of America. We have Republicans running the state who literally have the slave master mentality. They thieve money from the least of these and be sure to enrich themselves. … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | Nina Simone Week

Today’s feature: MISSISSIPPI GODDAMN This great piece deserves the spotlight. Hat tip, Rikyrah. Thank you! https://bittersoutherner.com/whose-mississippi-is-it-black-authors-21st-century WHOSE MISSISSIPPI IS IT? Mississippi’s image has always been dominated by the conservative white evangelical set, the political and social segment of the state … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | 60s Genre Music | “Black Power” & Social Change

It’s Hump day, and we’re moving right along with uplifting music of and for CHANGE from the “Black Power” movement. MISSISSIPPI GODAMN-NINA SIMONE Ain’t Got No- Simone Stand- Sly & Fam Stone Say it Loud, I’m Black & I’m Proud-JB … Continue reading

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