Congressional Hearing On The Flint Michigan Water Crisis (CRIME)

In case you MISSED IT

MISSING IN ACTION from the hearigs? Governor Rick Synder and BLACK OVER-SEER- Darnell Earley.



Former Flint EM expected to testify before Congress

How about Governor Rick Snyder?  Is he EXPECTED to testify before CONGRESS?

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6 Responses to Congressional Hearing On The Flint Michigan Water Crisis (CRIME)

  1. rikyrah says:



  2. Ametia says:

    UH UH UH

    An entire American city in Republican Governor Rick Snyder’s state has been drinking poisoned water for two years, but that didn’t stop Snyder from throwing his wife a lavish birthday party in one of Ann Arbor’s swankiest restaurants. That’s tasteless enough, considering the suffering and pain the citizens of Flint have been going through these past months, but the icing on this crass story is the cake Governor Snyder surprised Michigan’s First Lady with

    This is all cake and all edible:

    • Liza says:

      The slime ball can’t even pretend that he cares about Flint.

    • eliihass says:

      That someone could have thought to transport some of that ‘safe’ Flint water to Ann Arbor to be used exclusively to cook for the occasion – and to mix the drinks served the guests..

      This is the same Governor who’s only move since news of this broke nationally, has been to hire a top New York PR firm to help him spin and to keep him unblemished and unencumbered politically by the destruction he’s wrought on the lives of poor Flint citizens..

      I suppose Mercury Public Affairs and Bill Nowling of Finn Partners gave Snyder the go-ahead on this…They’ve told him that nobody cares and nothing will happen to him…

      The damage done to children and families in Flint, to the extent that it’s even been discussed, is only just another campaign talking point for only the two Democrats trying to one up each other to win the black vote…

      Not even the lone black Senator with future ambitions to the presidency, (and perhaps angling for consideration as a potential Hillary running mate..) …has time for Flint ..

      Not even the solitary black Senator who made his name doing publicity stunts in Newark, not even him gives a rats a**s about the suffering in Flint…He’s in New Hampshire campaigning for Hillary…

      So Snyder is completely emboldened to go about living it up even as children are permanently damaged and families are going without a shower for weeks…

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