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Black People Have the Right to Bring Receipts

I’ve been going around my usual rounds in the blogs that I like, and I’m tired of people acting like Black people don’t have THE RIGHT to bring receipts. That somehow, we’re supposed to go around like blind sheep, without … Continue reading

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Hillary’s Hypocrisy: Clinging to Obama After Her Racist Dog Whistles in 2008

New York City, NY — In the aftermath of the Pennsylvania Democratic primary [won narrowly by Hillary Clinton] — a race in which Clinton had a 20-point lead only a few months ago — the racism and hypocrisy of the … Continue reading

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Video |Democratic Presidential Debate in Wisconsin |Clinton-Sanders |

ICYMI Clinton's face when Sanders said, "One of us ran against Barack Obama. I was not that candidate." pic.twitter.com/2Eo3TJD2T3 — Hunter Schwarz (@hunterschwarz) February 12, 2016 EXCERPTS

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Friday Open Thread | Earth, Wind and Fire Week

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s tribute to Maurice White and the group he built that will touch music forever: Earth, Wind & Fire. What struck me when doing research about Mr. White is that he was MUSICIAN, first … Continue reading

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