Hillary’s Hypocrisy: Clinging to Obama After Her Racist Dog Whistles in 2008

Hillary slams Obama for ‘stupid’ foreign policiesNew York City, NY — In the aftermath of the Pennsylvania Democratic primary [won narrowly by Hillary Clinton] — a race in which Clinton had a 20-point lead only a few months ago — the racism and hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign were laid bare for all a nation to scorn.

Desperate and willing to do anything to win, the Clintons resorted to a naked form of racism aimed directly at white working-class voters in the rural portions of the state. Their message: Barack Obama cannot win because he’s black.

In the early stages of the campaign, it was Clinton’s cadre who kept playing the race card. In New Hampshire, Clinton’s co-chair, Billy Shaheen, accused Obama of being a drug dealer; then there was the photograph of Sen. Barack Obama in Somali garb leaked to the press by Clinton’s staff.

Hillary smears obama in 2008 muslim

In the aftermath of the South Carolina primary, former President Bill Clinton compared Obama’s victory to those of Jesse Jackson in 1984 and 1988. His message was clear: Obama was a marginal, black candidate.

Then came the disgraceful remarks of Geraldine Ferraro, who could not, and would not, shut her mouth. “If Obama was a white man,” she charged, “he would not be in this position.” And she was adamant and unapologetic amid the resulting outcry. “Every time that campaign is upset about something, they call it racist,” she proclaimed. “I will not be discriminated against because I’m white.”

Say what?

The Clintons refused to publicly call for Ferraro’s resignation. Ferraro remained unrepentant when she finally did resign. “The Obama campaign is attacking me to hurt you,” she bitterly wrote Hillary. And she never apologized for her remarks.

To anyone who has followed the Clinton campaign closely, it is all too apparent that her top political strategists — reeling from losses from coast to coast and badly miscalculating the grassroots power of the Obama movement — made a tactical decision to go negative, as that would be the only way for Clinton to stop Obama and somehow allow her to steal the nomination.

And go negative they did — with a subtle yet consistent racism underscoring every turn. The now notorious red-phone-at-3:00-a.m. television ad used by Clinton during the Texas primary, as Harvard sociologist Orlando Patterson noted in the New York Times, was reminiscent of D. W. Griffith’s racist film Birth of a Nation, which helped revive the Ku Klux Klan.

Red Phone AD

In Pennsylvania, Gov. Ed Rendell, who headed up Clinton’s campaign, was publicly saying that white voters in the Keystone State would not vote for Obama because he was black. Rendell’s remarks were racist from the get-go, but no one in the white media called him on it. Indeed, the media began playing the game.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos — who worked as Bill Clinton’s press secretary and lied through his teeth on Clinton’s behalf (where’s the journalistic “objectivity” here?) — brought up Obama’s relationship to former ’60s radical Bill Ayers. And the rest of the media went bonkers over Obama’s all-too-honest remarks about conservative white voters hanging on to God and guns.

Amidst so much fury signifying nothing, Hillary Clinton finally did her own bidding. Racism is as racism does. She boldly linked Obama with Reverend Jeremiah Wright, and Wright with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. That linkage was patently racist at its core — yet, once again, no one in the mainstream media so much as blinked. In so doing, Clinton was echoing the views of Fox News’ resident racist Sean Hannity. Talk about shameful.

And when asked about Reverend Wright by The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Clinton declared, “Given all that we have heard and seen, he would not have been my pastor. While we don’t have a choice when it comes to our relatives, we do have a choice when it comes to our pastors or our church.”

As anyone who has read the two major recent biographies of Hillary Clinton (Her Way: The Hopes and Ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton, by Jeff Gerth and Don Van Natta Jr.; and A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton by Pulitzer-prize-winning journalist Carl Bernstein) knows all too well, she will do whatever she has to do and say whatever she has to say in the unbridled (and unscrupulous) pursuit of power. The ash heap of her duplicity sprawls across decades and across various regions of this country — from Arkansas to the White House, from Illinois to, well, now, Pennsylvania.

Clinton is an inveterate liar — I am sorry, there is truly no other word for it — and as her ill-fated presidential campaign tumbles toward its inevitable demise, the personal deception that is at the core of her personality, and of her career, continues to reveal itself.

As we all know, truth may be slow of foot, but it is always inevitable. Only this past weekend, as Clinton continued to reference Reverend Wright in her stump speeches, the filmmaker Michael Moore reminded us that in 1998, Reverend Wright had actually been a guest at the Clinton White House, for a “prayer breakfast,” after Bill Clinton’s rather tawdry affair with intern Monica Lewinsky had been made public.

“Thank you so much for your kind message,” Clinton wrote Wright after his visit. “I am touched by your prayers and by the many expressions of encouragement and support I have received from friends across our country. You have my best wishes.”

And guess what? According to the just released schedules of Hillary Clinton by the National Archives, she was in attendance at that breakfast, too. With the one-and-only Jeremiah Wright. While her husband was seeking salvation and forgiveness.

The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. and President Bill Clinton at a prayer breakfast at the White House in September 1998

Bill Clinton and Preacher Wright Image6

The hypocrisy is staggering.


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37 Responses to Hillary’s Hypocrisy: Clinging to Obama After Her Racist Dog Whistles in 2008

  1. HiloBoy69 says:

    wow – pretty unwelcoming. i was really happy to find the blog and hoped to have more than missives shot, some discussion of substance perhaps. sorry, guess i made a wrong turn. enjoy.

  2. HiloBoy69 says:

    Doesn’t it give you pause, that John Lewis has endorsed Hillary, enthusiastically endorsed her?
    Lewis knows both well and he’s come out saying that of the 2 Hillary is the one that’s been a staunch, consistent and effective ally and partner of the CBC and the black community. Sanders has been a reliable vote but that’s it. Talk, vote but no real action in comparison to Clinton.
    I’d be real hesitant to dismiss such a truly great civil rights leader who if anyone should be able to judge the passion and dedication to issues affecting the black community and to judge the comparative competence and effectiveness of 2 of his colleagues.
    I haven’t seen how Bernie works in Congress, how he gets along or not with colleagues, how committed and reliable he is to push legislation, etc. The people who have worked alongside him are undeniably better qualified to assess that. Maybe you’ve got that sort of insight even without seeing him in action though, and know better than John Lewis.

    • Ametia says:

      LOL Firstly, IT’S PRESIDENT OBAMA to you.

      And how do you know what the president does and does not want?

      Secondlly, PBO slotted Hillary in the SoS position to help tamp down the anger, disappointment, and outright disdain Hillary, Bill, and her cohorts had and still do have for him, dismantling that so-called “CLINTON MACHINE.”

      “Warm and personal relationship?” I believe that’s a show. The president has class, and is savvy in his dealings with her.

      I DON’T HAVE TO BE. I don’t have to take his lead on anyone or anything, and this definitely includes your coming here to make a case for this woman. I see and hear, and perceive what I do.

      Thanks for playing, but we don’t do Hillary ‘Splaining” here.

    • Ametia says:

      Hillary’s CHARACTER is . ……

      Oh wait,


    • eliihass says:

      “…Doesn’t it give you pause, that John Lewis has endorsed Hillary, enthusiastically endorsed her?..”


  3. HiloBoy69 says:

    Isn’t all this hyperventilating being wildly misdirected? If you admire Obama, if you love his record and want to protect his legacy then why are you beating up on the Democratic candidate in 2016 who is fully embracing and defending Obama, his vision and his record? Why aren’t you pushing back against the implicit belittling, bashing and dismissing that’s coming from Sanders?

    Fabulous jobs numbers just come out – and before Obama has a chance to capitalize on that progress, before he can even celebrate the drop in unemployment, Sanders rains right on his parade. Sanders does the GOPs dirty work by saying well the jobs report isn’t really telling the truth, unemployment is actually much higher. Great. That’s what the GOP has been falsely saying for the past 7 years – that Obama has done nothing to create jobs. Now we have a democratic candidate piling on. With friends like Bernie who needs enemies?

    Hyping up faux racism on the part of Hillary while letting Sanders slide is like killing the guard dog to let the snake into the hen house. Great job!!

    • Liza says:

      Isn’t it just like Bill to be out-of-sync with the message while Hillary is wrapping herself in PBO’s coattails and pretending she’s been his rock.

      • Ametia says:

        The CLINTONS are MESSY. Just.plain.MESSY. They are their own worse ENEMY. Cloaked in smugness, self-entitled, power-hungry.

        Both have LIVED in the White House, have had that power, have had their glory as the First Family.

        They won’t be outdone, though. Not by that BLACK BARACK & BLACK MICHELLE OBAMA, and their daughters Malia & Sasha.

        Playing the same old dirty underhanded, slandering jabs to discredit President Obama, steal, co-opt, and claim CREDIT for undoing the very same lDISASTEROUS, DAMAGING & DENIGRATING LEGISLATION that Bill Clinton ENACTED while he was POTUS.

        The Clintons will not bow out gracefully. They will not leave the stage and pass the torch, like Teddy Kennedy did before he died.



      • Liza says:

        They just can’t let go. And they can do this because they are worshiped and coddled by the Democratic party leaders.

        I have volunteered for the Democrats in the past. At one point I was the representative for my precinct. I have seen this candidate worship up close and it disgusted me, it was one of the reasons I didn’t want to volunteer anymore. And that was at the local level, I can only imagine what it is like for the Clintons. They are treated like royalty so they think they are.

    • HiloBoy69 says:

      WHOA WHOA!!!! Foul!
      The clip is cut off so it sounds like he’s attacking Obama as not being a change maker.
      Bull Shit.
      That is a rhetorical question he’s posing in the speech. You can hear the ‘?’ mark at the end. He’s talking about Sanders claim that all it will take is to elect Sanders President and all those things that haven’t been done will be achieved by Bernie. Sanders very premise is an artful smear, insinuating that Obama must then not have been a change maker – if he was then he should have ended/started ……(add X from your progressive wish-list).
      Bill Clinton is DEFENDING OBAMA from Sanders insult by innuendo.
      Get a grip.

    • HiloBoy69 says:

      I love this new blog discovery of mine. You had me at Mahalia ;-)
      With respect though, while I fully agree the 2008 campaign had low moments, sometimes embarrassingly low for a Hillary supporter, and while I appreciate the difficulty of some to let it go, I think the wrathful slant of the post is undeservedly harsh. It seems to me that you view the campaign’s indiscretions (not excusing nor diminishing the insult) as evidence of racist intention and character on the part of Hillary rather than the political ruff-n-tumble that I strongly think they were.
      My assessment that all this stuff was not so much personal and racist as it was standard political game, is based on a few lines of evidence:
      *Obama gave as good as he got.
      *Hillary immediately, sincerely, forcefully and ceaselessly committed her support, her resources, her counsel when needed, her organisation, her blood sweat and tears to get Obama elected.
      *She without hesitation took not the VP slot but the workhorse, lower spot as SoS.
      *As SoS, she never once got out ahead of Obama to promote herself, work around the president, or otherwise undercut Obama. Many Cabinet members at sometime or other and sometimes all the time do see themselves as independent players acting regardless of the consequences for their President. Just look at the several times Biden has stolen thunder from Obama or put him in a politically awkward position.
      *Hillary and Obama have developed by all measure a uniquely warm and close personal as well as professional relationship.
      That stuff doesn’t happen if one candidate’s attacks reflect a sincere racism. Do you really think the Clinton’s are racist? Do you really think this stuff from 2008 deserves to be brought out in 2016? Obama doesn’t. Why should we?

      • *She without hesitation took not the VP slot but the workhorse, lower spot as SoS.
        BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA That don’t don’t hunt.

        No, Joe Biden was asked which do you want VP or SoS?

      • eliihass says:

        “…*Hillary immediately, sincerely, forcefully and ceaselessly committed her support, her resources, her counsel when needed, her organisation, her blood sweat and tears to get Obama elected.

        *She without hesitation took not the VP slot but the workhorse, lower spot as SoS.
        *As SoS, she never once got out ahead of Obama to promote herself, work around the president, or otherwise undercut Obama…”


    • Liza says:

      Really? I didn’t know this. Wow.

    • HiloBoy69 says:

      just STOP already. Damn. Now if you’re bitterly hanging on to that comment, which is one campaign fighting another campaign plain and simple — you’ve got some issues that Clyburn does not have. He was baited with just this quote not a week ago on MSNBC and Clyburn smacked it down saying that is a non-issue and it was not held as a grudge when the primary was finished. Clyburn adamantly dispelled any notion that the comment was racist, that either Clinton is in the least bit racist and that it holds any relevance to 2016 whatsoever. If the person who was on the receiving end of that insult is over it, then it’s kind of arrogant for you to insist on bitterly holding on to an insult not even against you. Don’t you think, maybe?


  4. Mayor Kasim Reed on CNN shucking and bucking for Miss Ann. He only remembers Bernie Sanders disrespecting the Potus. I had to refresh his memory on Hillary and Bill Clinton’s naked racism in 08.

    • vitaminlover says:

      I like they way my President is almost smirking at Clinton.

    • HiloBoy69 says:

      You know I’ve heard that the newest Supreme Court Justice (now that Kagan) traditionally have to serve coffee to the others, Come on, this was a comment on the fact that Obama was only a couple years on the national stage and in his first state-wide/national office. You don’t seriously think Bill Clinton would say that as a racist remark? To Kennedy? That’s pretty whack.

  5. rikyrah says:


    2015 Elections: talking about CLINTON DEMOCRATS…

    where do you think that came from, people?

    Come on, now.

    COME ON!!

    • eliihass says:

      Wendy Davis and Alison Lundergan-Grimes brazenly distancing themselves from President and Mrs Obama … Didn’t even want to be seen near them – even when they offered to fundraise for them…

      With Alison Lundergan-Grimes going as far as proclaiming herself a Clinton-Democrat even as Bill Clinton stood right there at her side, smug as hell and grinning from ear to ear…

      They had hoped to have dispensed with the Obamas by now…The plan was for the Clintons to ‘take back’ control of the Democratic Party and begin to wield their influence and throw their weight around …

      But alas, it was not to be…turns out that the Obamas’ influence still loom heavily – especially among the most reliable voting bloc of the party…

      • HiloBoy69 says:

        What’s more important to you, winning tough races in states where Obama was as popular as herpes OR losing those races but having Obama stand on stage with 2 very progressive women?? Are you implying that either Wendy or Alison are racist? It sure seems that way. There is such a thing as political reality. If Alison had won, then Obama would not have such a dangerously crafty opponent in the Senate as McConnell right now. If Alison had won, then we’d still have the Senate; and Obama could move forward nominating Loretta Lynch to the Supreme Court today. Yeah, she still lost – but it was close. If she’d embraced Obama, in KENTUCKY – it would have been a foregone conclusion that she’d lose.
        How do you even know that Obama didn’t intentionally stay away. Don’t you think he’s smart enough politically to know that he’d hurt more than help in Kentucky in 2014? I give him more credit than that as a skillful politician.

        • eliihass says:

          What’s important to me you ask…?

          Good character, principle, integrity…the whole truth and nothing but the truth…

          And oh, no Hillary …or Bill…

  6. rikyrah says:

    I was the one who kept track of the Clinton Campaign Racist Incidents against Obama Wiki in 2008.

    So, I KNOW that all that SG2 has posted here is true. It’s a trip down memory lane for me.

  7. rikyrah says:

    I remember everything you posted here.

    And, see, her arrogance, doesn’t allow her to be humble enough to apologize for this.

    Even after all these years.

    She, and her sycophants, just pretend that we didn’t see what we saw.

  8. rikyrah says:



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