Black People Have the Right to Bring Receipts

I’ve been going around my usual rounds in the blogs that I like, and I’m tired of people acting like Black people don’t have THE RIGHT to bring receipts. That somehow, we’re supposed to go around like blind sheep, without at least trying to force folks to answer our questions, make proper apologies, acknowledge the problems that we have with the candidates on the Democratic Party’s side.

We have some very informed posters here at 3Chics. A couple of them have done a yoeman’s job in informing us about the contents of the Hillary Email ‘ scandal’.

I put ‘scandal’ like this, because I don’t think it’s an actual SCANDAL. I believe the ‘ scandal’ in the emails is that it confirms who some of us believe Hillary Clinton to be. There were no surprises in the emails. In all that I’ve read from those who actually took the time to go and read – I will repeat -there were no surprises.

No surprises dealing with politics.

The emails have been informative, because they reveal Hillary Clinton’s character, and the problems that nagged folks in 2008.
They still exist.

The email ‘scandal’ for me is Exhibit A, B, and C while Hillary isn’t ready and has never been ready to actually be ‘ THE FIRST’.

It takes someone of special character and temperment to be ‘ THE FIRST’.

Hillary doesn’t have it. And, the willful ignorance on those that challenge me as to what I mean….it’s tiresome.

You know what I mean…but, since you want to pretend, let’s spell it out for you.

You want to know what it takes to be ‘THE FIRST’

Your example lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama understood what it meant to be ‘ THE FIRST’.

And, while it’s been frustrating at times, watching what our First Couple has had to live with during these past 7 years, my respect for both of them has only grown because of it.

They are truly special people, and they were exactly what this country needed. We didn’t deserve them, but we needed them.

Hillary Clinton doesn’t have the humbleness of what it takes to be THE FIRST.

She might become The First Woman President, but there is nothing in her character that makes me believe she’ll have 1/10th of the successes that President Obama has had. Because, so many of the President’s successes were accomplished by him going against the grain, and standing out there, by himself, taking the slings and arrows.

I just wish that Hillary supporters would just admit that the only thing she has to offer is:

She’s not a Republican.

That’s it.


Because, nobody with any sense, is going to say with a straight face, that they believe Hillary will be better for this country than President Obama on domestic policy.

And Foreign Policy?

Don’t make me laugh.



When all she can do is think that she has to outdo the Republicans, instead of following President Obama’s lead. President Obama- who successfully took away the foreign policy club from the Republicans and has beat them with it repeatedly over the past 7 years.

The emails reveal a Hillary Clinton who continued to surround herself with the snakes that we knew from 2007-2008.

The same folks that disgust us, and that we know are no good.

We got 7 years of No Drama Obama.

You think that Hillary Clinton will deliver anything close to that?

Hell no.

President Obama’s critics have been yelling that we never want to hold HIM ‘ Accountable’.

That was their favorite word over the past 7 Years: ACCOUNTABILITY.

It was never true – his most fervent supporters could pick out POLICY POSITIONS, here and there, where we might have disagreed with the President, but we still understood the TOTALITY of his success.

Now that we, his supporters, are bringing up that word ‘ACCOUNTABLE’ to Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders…

folks pretend that Black folk don’t have the right to bring up receipts.

We don’t?


Like bringing up the receipt that Black people, who are more likely to be hurt by unregistered firearms sold by gun show sleazebags because there are no laws about gun sale registration – might have have a problem that Bernie Sanders voted AGAINST those registrations – REPEATEDLY, and then, when called on it, mumbled some bullshyt about RURAL people knowing how to deal with guns better, AS IF, we don’t understand that dogwhistle.

Like economic inequality is some NEW THING. Black people – IN AMERICA- have always been unemployed, underemployed, and because of when AFFIRMATIVE ACTION WAS WHITE – the wealth gap between the communities – was built by the Federal Government aiding and abetting White folk while actively denying Black folk.

What is this ‘ fair country’ Bernie Sanders is talking about?

Bernie Sanders economic schtick is old….it could be taken from Jesse Jackson speeches about the decimation of Urban America in the 1980’s.

But, now, because WHITE people are getting it the way that BLACK folk always have had it…suddenly, it’s this huge problem?

Michelle Alexander, who has done a brilliant job of gathering the best research possible about the Prison Industrial Complex and its ramifications for the Black Community -bring us THE NEW JIM CROW…and how lines from all those detrimental political positions -originate in the BILL CLINTON ADMINISTRATION.

And, how, she can bring back FIRST LADY HILLARY CLINTON’S OWN WORDS about ‘ Super Predators’, which was just a dogwhistle for Black Urban Youth.

How, if you want to talk about foreign policy, Ms. Albright, by all means, let’s discuss Rwanda and other Clinton Administration doozies.

It’s not sexist to bring receipts for the Clinton Administration. It’s not sexist to tie Hillary to her husband, the Former President, because, unlike any other woman who would be running for President…SHE is in the position that she’s in BECAUSE of her marriage to Bill Clinton. When all you have is because of who you married, then you don’t get to huff and puff about your vaunted ‘ experience’. Hillary’s ‘ experience’ is nothing but a bunch of lines on a resume.

Her first elected office was Senator for a state where she carpetbagged into, and got the local Dems to give her CORONATION (does that sound familiar).

Her term as SOS was undistinguished, except for the numerous time where it was ‘leaked’ that Hillary disagreed with the President on this policy or that policy. You want to see what a REAL WORKING SOS is – check out John Kerry’s tenure.

From the CBC clowns, who couldn’t be bothered to even get themselves on Black radio during the Obama Years, let alone the MSM shows to defend this President and his policies – but, putting out Press Releases,and can’t get to the tv fast enough to endorse Hillary. They can’t stand President Obama because he broke up their hustle. They got mad that the President didn’t give them their due. What due? They didn’t do shyt, and could only be seen on tv during the past 7 years, when they wanted to blame the President for what he didn’t do, instead of bringing forth what THEY are doing. President Obama has always been about the DOING. The GETTING IT DONE. And, if he didn’t think that you were about that life, then he doesn’t waste his time. But, see, they want to return to the good old days with Hillary. Where they can pretend, and she can invite them for a photo-op, and they still don’t have to do anything.

Black folks have seen what TRUE BLACK LEADERSHIP can accomplish…..why would they settle for less?

You can name on one hand, those in Congress who have had this President’s Back consistently over the past 7 years……and, the CBC as a collective……DID NOT. And, they didn’t think that Black folks didn’t notice this? Really? Seriously?

You don’t think that we didn’t notice all the big-time Democratic money people, who have sat out all the elections since 2008……but, now, suddenly, they’re back…..

You don’t think that we didn’t notice the so-called Dems who became involved with the ‘ No Labels’ bullshyt……..but, now, they’re suddenly Dem spokesmen once again…..

RECEIPTS, people.

We have them.

And, pointing to us, to tell us to sit down, and shut up, and that doesn’t matter…

Naw, Son.

Nobody’s taking that bullshyt anymore.

We will keep on bringing the receipts.

Like I said before….

Black folk are the WRONG ONES to threaten with ‘ bad times will happen’.

With OUR history in this country?

Are you serious?

You think that approach will work?


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54 Responses to Black People Have the Right to Bring Receipts

  1. Ametia says:

    We not only have the RIGHT to BRING RECEIPTS,


  2. Hillary Clinton: “I’ve always tried to” tell the truth.
    Hillary lying about being under sniper fire in Bosnia

  3. Hillary Clinton on unaccompanied illegals: send them back!!

  4. If you’re an ex-felon who has paid your debt to society, Clinton’s #welfarereform law still discriminates against you long after prison.

  5. eliihass says:

    We’ve discussed the dire matters of so many different innocent black folks being murdered in cold blood by racist police, we’ve discussed destroyed black lives and other such issues like children and families in Flint, Michigan being poisoned…

    And few ever felt the need to chime in…until of course we expressed our thoughts on the Clintons..

    The idea that I would give a rats a**s about slimy right-winger now turned slimy Clinton apologist David Brock’s various dubious interpretations and distributed talking points on behalf of the Clintons, is laughable to say the very least..

    I can’t repeat this enough…I not only won’t vote for Hillary, I will make sure that as many people as I know, don’t…

    The worn-out alarmist attempts at alternately cajoling, threatening and expressions of faux-righteous concern about the armageddon that will befall us otherwise, if we fail to coronate Ms. Anne to her dream and God knows, infinitely undeserved revered place in history as first woman resident, notwithstanding…

    It’s as simple as that..

    No Hillary.

    No more Clintons in the White House..

    But don’t mind me…

    In the end, in spite of all of our various opinions – and in spite of the machinations and many shenanigans of the Clintons – in collusion with the hierarchy of the DNC, DSCC, CBC and other establishment groups, to achieve a particular result…God in His infinite wisdom and humor will ultimately set this thing up exactly as it’s meant to be…

    And I frankly can’t wait to see what God has in store…I bet it’s a surprise too…with scoops of humor and generous sprinkles of that ultimate secret ingredient known as ‘look at God’..

  6. Djchefron says:

    BULLSHIT Charleston Hesston also march with MLK so what’s your point

  7. Djchefron says:

    This is why you shouldn’t believe what the media tells you about the Clintons
    Busted: MSNBC Butchers Bill Clinton Mid-Quote to Make Him ‘Slam’ Obama

  8. rikyrah says:

    Pundits think Bernie Sanders is doomed because he can’t win nonwhite votes. I’m not so sure.

    Updated by Matthew Yglesias on February 11, 2016, 7:30 a.m. ET

    Hillary Clinton’s theory for how she wins the Democratic nomination — as outlined in a memo to supporters by campaign manager Robby Mook — is pretty simple. After two more small races in Nevada and South Carolina, the Democratic campaign starts handing out delegates in big batches in March in places where her large lead in national polls will shine through and deliver her victory. That’s a lead grounded in “high levels of support in the African American and Hispanic communities” that the Clinton campaign argues won’t vanish in the face of Bernie Sanders’s attacks.

    “That type of support was not created overnight,” Mook writes. “It has been forged over more than 40 years of fighting for and alongside communities of color. They know her, trust her and are excited about her candidacy.”

    This is all true. But it’s also true that Clinton’s campaign used to tout rock-solid support in communities of color ahead of the Iowa caucuses in 2008. And as recently as November of last year, Clinton held a lead in New Hampshire polls.

    The Sanders campaign’s counterargument is that so far he’s lagged Clinton in the number of national Democrats who view him favorably largely because as of the end of 2015, a good 30 percent of Democrats didn’t know who he is. Playing to a draw in Iowa and winning decisively in New Hampshire fixes that problem. Everyone who’s remotely engaged in the political process is going to hear about Bernie Sanders, and the question is whether black and Latino voters will start feeling the Bern when they do.

    It’s not guaranteed to happen by any means. But the Clinton campaign’s assurances that it won’t happen aren’t substantiated by anything in particular. The longer the candidates argued in Iowa and New Hampshire, the more people tilted toward Sanders. The exact same thing could easily happen in Nevada, South Carolina, and elsewhere unless Clinton actually improves or sharpens her arguments.

  9. Calling Joe Biden! Jump in!

  10. Ametia says:

    Don’t allow Sanders & Clinton to divide us, Use us like yesterday’s leftovers
    Honestly, we don’t have anone in the Democratic Party that comes anywhere close to President Obama.

    And if the DNC doens’t get some clean, fresh, young leadership, it will be a long while before we have new leaders to vie for a presidential run.

    I hate what this party has done to try and take us BACK to the Clinton era. HATE.IT.

    And don’t get me started on Sanders. We need to keep speaking up about the shambles this party is in and DEMAND better leaders in this party.

  11. eliihass says:

    Dear family,

    This lame and worn-out argument that Bernie Sanders’ proposals – which incidentally are the very same progressive policies and goals every appealing and aspirational progressive politician – including our very own historic and beloved first black President has pushed for – are somehow now so alternately naive and toxic and so pie in the sky and not doable – and only because of potential opposition from a congress filled with corrupt elected officials too cowardly and beholden to the plutocrats who own them and fund them…

    That argument is regressive and weak sauce..

    The idea that Hillary who with all the preemptive shenanigans and machinations to clear the field on her behalf and her every ‘superior’ advantage delivered to her on a golden platter – and even with the entire establishment and machine behind her …can still barely keep up with Bernie Sanders as it is, is somehow better equipped to fight the Koch brothers and the GOP who can’t even control their own party, can’t even take down Trump – or get their boys Jeb! and Marco and Christie across the 6 point mark – even after throwing 100’s of millions of dollars away…

    That’s all that bogus argument that has been used in the past to undeservedly clear the way for the Clintons again and again – and it’s failed to take hold – or be proven true – not even against the supposedly wet behind the ears black candidate with a muslim sounding name – who whipped their collective butts and still has the Clintons reeling and resentful – and still sneaking around looking for ways to humiliate him still – and to finally put The Obamas in their place by taking them down several notches..

    My completion rejection of Hillary and Bill Clinton has nothing to do with so-called ‘right-wing smears’…

    We’ve all got eyes and ears and good working minds – and we’ve all had front row seats to the events and happenings of the past 8 years…

    And any and everything that has helped form my opinions about the Clintons, have nothing to do with the right-wing – and everything to do with what the Clintons themselves have said and done – including in the past couple of years – and even right at this moment…Their actions continue to tell everything we need to know…They are not good people…

    I have no fear about President Obama’s legacy being undone…

    If anything, I trust Bernie Sanders infinitely more to not only better preserve the President’s legacy – because I do believe both their hearts are in the same and right place — but I also see good headway towards the very progressive ends we all originally aspired to on so many of these programs…but were stifled by the very same plutocrats who the Clintons pal around with and still owe way too many favors…

    Hillary might be – since last month anyway – name-dropping the President at the moment (even as Bill is tipping their real hand on the campaign trail inTennessee and in private conversations with their still hostile anti-Obama pals);

    But if the Clintons get anywhere near that White House again, they will not only completely appropriate every last Obama accomplishment as theirs – (Obamacare is already brazenly and steadily becoming nothing more than *her* Hillarycare) – They will so blunt, diminish and if possible, permanently erase the Obamas in much the same way they helped permanently cast doubt on, trivialize and dismiss their immediate Democratic predecessors – as they angled to anoint themselves the be-all and end-all of the Democratic party…

    The truth is, the Clintons barely tolerate or manage to have a natural relationship with the Obamas even now when they grudgingly need the Obamas more than ever to help Hillary win…can you imagine how they’ll treat the Obamas when they no longer need them and if they ever manage to make it into the White House…

    I have no fear of the President’s legacy being undone – if anything, I believe that absent the Clintons in the White House, the Obamas true greatness and legacy will only shine more brightly in their post-White House years..

    • rikyrah says:

      I wish O’Malley hadn’t of been such a lightweight.

      Hillary wanted a Coronation. She only seems to handle ‘elections’ where she is coronated.

    • Ametia says:


      I have no fear of the President’s legacy being undone – if anything, I believe that absent the Clintons in the White House, the Obamas true greatness and legacy will only shine more brightly in their post-White House years..

      I’ve never bought into the if Hillary doesn’t get intot he WH, PBO legacy will be trashed.

      UTTER NONSENSE! That bitch has been trying to sabotage PBO at every turn, since belfore 2008, and especially after and right up to lasst night’s debate in Wisconsin.

      I will NOT vote for Hillary. My vote will count, it always has, and I don’t give a shit what anyone else thinks or says about it.

    • Djchefron says:

      Good morning, You say you trust Sanders more to carry on the Presidents legacy more than Clinton then why did Sanders wanted Obama to be primaries in 2012? His plan for single payer government run healthcare while not only the numbers don’t add up, see Vermont, they will increase taxes by at least 20% they would undo CHIP and a women’s right to choose because if the government is the health care provider the Hyde Amendment forbids you having an abortion. Do we really want to have that fight for healthcare again knowing that at least one house of congress will be controlled by the REICH?

      I know people think the Clintons are corrupt but what have they been convicted of other than Bill getting a blowjob? People condemn Hillary for getting paid for her speaking engagement but HELLO, can you imagine what President Obama will be getting paid once he leaves office?

      I will end with this. I don’t care who you vote for but just vote and if you believe in the Democratic party come November vote for the party nominee. I don’t support Sander because his golden unicorns just don’t add up and the vast majority of Americans will never vote for a socialist. I am being pragmatic on who has the best chance of winning the White house and it aint the bern.

  12. Djchefron says:

    Well some of you may remember from back in the day so I can say I am supporting Hillary Clinton. Here are my reasons . Sanders has in his single payer nonsense will tear apart President Obama greatest achievement and it will put an end to legal abortion since it will be government run the Hyde amendment would kick in.

    Sanders programs even if he could get through congress most economist say your taxes will be raise at least 20%. Now I don’t care how you will spin it to the dumbasses that make up the American people there is no way in hell Americans will vote for you if you say you will raise taxes on them. Just ask Mondale.

    His plan to get state governments to pay for college is laughable. If you believe that republican governors will spend billions on higher education then you haven’t been paying attention to what they are doing to K-12.

    Finally if Sanders was the nominee which I would vote for the attacks from a billion dollars of Koch money will eat him alive. Polls have shown Americans would vote for an atheist before a socialist. I know there is still hate because of 2008 but let it go. There is too much at stake SCOTUS. The ACA. Obamas legacy to throw away just because you have fallen victim to over 25 years of right wing smears about Hillary

    • rikyrah says:

      I remember you dj.

      And, I enjoy reading you at Politicusa and TPV.

      I understand your reasoning.

      Hope you drop by again.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi dj. Appreciate your sharing your reasons.

      PBO is a CONSITUTUTIONAL SCHOLAR. Remember President of the Harvard Law Review. It will practically take an act of God to undue his SIGNATURE LEGISLATION.

      Not falling for the ‘so much at stake and 25 years of right wing smears aboout Hillary.’ Hillary is her own worse enemy.

      I’m no fan of Clinton or Sanders. But wihat I will say and do is call it like I see it. Say what I think, and vote for whom I think is right for the good of the whole Right now, it’s neither candudate.

      They are going to WORK their white asses off and jump that bar high, just like the masses looked to PBO to do, at every turn. They will get no passes from me. I just one voter, but I’mnot going to let them off the HOOK,

      My voice will be heard-read. And no one has to agree with me

  13. rikyrah says:

    “But in talking about the struggles of middle- and lower-class America, Clinton was met with silence when he said President Barack Obama wasn’t a “change-maker” like Hillary. He clarified a few sentences later that Obama has had accomplishments, including the Affordable Care Act.”

  14. rikyrah says:

    uh huh
    uh huh

    But, they can run to the tv for Hillary.

    • Djchefron says:

      Politics as usual and for the crook Al Wynn to have any say is just terrible. Now if the bern wants allies he would shift some of his dollars to her

  15. Ametia says:



  16. Ametia says:



  17. RECEIPTS, people.

    We have them.

    And, pointing to us, to tell us to sit down, and shut up, and that doesn’t matter…

    Naw, Son.

    Nobody’s taking that bullshyt anymore.
    Crying with Laughter

  18. rikyrah says:

    This is for our regular posters that bring the receipts.

    I hear you. I read you. And, everything you point out is valid.

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