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  1. I’m going to throw UP…

    Hillary Clinton is shown after a community meeting at the House of Prayer Missionary Church in Flint, Mich., on Sunday. Jeff Kowalsky-Bloomberg

  2. Ametia says:

    Happening now

    Live Video At 4:30PM -Sanders Forum To Focus On The Black Experience In Minnesota

    • eliihass says:

      The undoing by the DNC, DSCC, CBC has already began..

      But don’t mind us…look over there…Bernie..

      • Ametia says:

        You CALLED IT, eliihass. MSNBC has the Tweety bird building and piling on Bernie over Hillary’s remarks about him and Obama. SMGHD

        Yet, nothing on Hillary’s SCORCHED EARTH, undershanded,PRIVATE E-MAIL messy tactics!

        • eliihass says:

          And the very same folks in the media who’ve long strongly argued in favor of candidates like Bernie to get in the race if only to shake things up, but to also help make the argument for an inclusive progressive agenda – and to pull so-called ‘centrist’ hawks like Hillary back to the left – are now gasp, just so appalled and ‘offended’ at this same progressive sentiment that Bernie has been well-known for believing and advocating for so long..

          Bernie publicly expressing disappointment that a more progressive agenda has not materialized, and suggesting only that a vibrant primary might help revisit our progressive heart and goals – as it has frankly done in this 2016 election –

          That is exactly what the likes of Chris Matthews, Jonathan Capeheart, Eugene Robinson, Bob Herbert, have long called and argued for…But suddenly, it’s now a really bad thing and only because Bernie is somehow succeeding in making the winning argument as a candidate – and threatens Hillary’s coronation plans..and the plans of the plutocrats and Wall Street who’ve long had a stranglehold on our politicians and policies – and have managed to stifle our progress..

  3. 2008:Hillary calls on Barack Obama to reject & denounce Louis Farrakhan. Will she reject & denounce Sid Blumenthal emails about her boss?

  4. Hillary Clinton defines white privilege:

    I was born white
    good public schools
    supportive family
    wonderful college
    law school

  5. Liza says:

    Part 2 of TNC’s interview with Amy Goodman…

    Ta-Nehisi Coates: The Ideal Presidential Candidate Would Have “Greater Acknowledgment of History”
    FEBRUARY 12, 2016

    In Part 2 of our conversation with Coates, whose book “Between the World and Me” won the National Book Award, Coates elaborates on who he would like to see elected, and much more. “If I could have anything—you know, and this is across the board for any presidential candidate—I would have a greater acknowledgment of history in our policy and in our affairs,” Coates says. He also discusses the Black Lives Matter movement, Bill Cosby and the growing number of actors and filmmakers pushing for a boycott of the Oscars after no actors of color were nominated for a second year in a row.

    • Liza says:

      Oops. Wrong link. This is the link to the video and transcript of TNC’s intervew:

    • Liza says:

      From the interview. Hillary defines white privilege and TNC responds.

      AMY GOODMAN: She was asked by an audience member about what the term “white privilege” meant to her.

      HILLARY CLINTON: It is hard when you’re swimming in the ocean to know exactly what’s happening around you, so much as it is when you’re standing on the shore perhaps watching. For me, you know, look, I was born white, middle-class in the middle of America. I went to good public schools. I had a very strong supportive family. I had a lot of great experiences growing up. I went to a wonderful college. I went to law school. I never really knew what was or wasn’t part of the privilege. I just knew that I was a lucky person and that being lucky was in part related to who I am, where I’m from and the opportunities I had.

      AMY GOODMAN: Your response, Ta-Nehisi, to what Hillary Clinton said?

      TA-NEHISI COATES: That’s about right. That’s about right. I think she was trying her best there. I think what is notably absent from that answer is history. It is not simply that Hillary Clinton had fairer skin and, you know, lighter hair, and therefore certain things were conferred upon her. Systems were in place. Long, ancient historical systems were in place to make her, as she said, lucky in the first place. If I could have anything—you know, and this is across the board for any presidential candidate—I would have a greater acknowledgment of history in our policy and in our affairs. And I don’t mean, you know, a dry historical lecture. But it could have taken 30 seconds for her to maybe explain why she was a little luckier than other folks. It’s not that hard to understand. It’s not that hard to know. I’m not familiar particularly with Hillary Clinton’s neighborhood, but I wish people were a little bit more curious about what we call privilege and about why it’s there. Black people in this country have no choice but to be curious. We have to know. I wish folks would do a little bit more investigation.

  6. Liza says:

    Good Lord. Hillary apparently believes the entire nation has amnesia or we’re all as dumb as hammers. But she’s in attack mode that’s for sure. Is it too late for her to grab PBO’s coattails?
    She knows these attacks will talked about on cable news rather than anything substantive. That whole exchange about Hillary attacking Sanders for what he said about PBO (in the past) reminded me of grade school. She doesn’t remember much about 2008 apparently.

    • Ametia says:

      Clinton’s attacks on Sanders–soph·o·mor·ic at best, Liza. LOL



      adjective: sophomoric

      of, relating to, or characteristic of a sophomore.
      “my sophomoric years”

      •pretentious or juvenile.
      “sophomoric double entendres”

      What a JOKE

      • Liza says:

        And her facial expression, I can’t quite read it. It’s supposed to be this indignation about Bernie’s horrible treatment of her very best friend Barack, but it’s really her being pi$$ed off that she has been challenged. That was NOT supposed to happen.

        I am truly amazed by how much I do NOT want her to get the nomination.

      • That’s exactly what I said….Hillary tattling to the teacher (black folks) on Bernie Sanders. It was straight pitiful.

    • Liza says:

      Ha ha, exactly. Hillary must have found her inner brat child, but it’s not very presidential.

      “Once I’m in the White House…”

  7. Ametia says:

    (WASHINGTON) — Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders faced off Thursday night in the final Democratic debate before the Nevada caucuses, and on Friday, they will come face to face yet again.

    Both Democratic presidential candidates will attend the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party’s Humphrey-Mondale Dinner in St. Paul, Minnesota Friday evening.

    Beforehand, Clinton will hold a town hall in Denmark, South Carolina in the afternoon, and Sanders will attend a forum on race and economic opportunity in the other twin city of Minneapolis earlier in the evening.

  8. Ametia says:

    We definitely need new leaders in the DEMOCRATIC PARTY.

    • Liza says:

      That’s for damn sure. I’m beginning to feel as though all we’re lacking in this 2016 election is ominous background music.

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