Open Thread | It Was A COUP Attempt! A C-O-U-P!!

Let’s be absolutely clear on what happened on January 6th.

The President of United States attempted a COUP against the duly elected future President of the United States.


Make no mistake.

It was an inside job, full of aiders and abetters – all of whom should be revealed and arrested.


Not, the Vice -President Elect , though, she was there.


And his family were there.

Along with the Speaker of the House and the President Pro-Temps of the Senate.


Is there any doubt in your mind that if they had gotten their hands on Nancy Pelosi that she would be DEAD?

No doubts from this corner.

And, yes, even Pence would be DEAD.

The crowd told you so.

This is why Barr resigned.
This is why Esper was fired.
This is why Dick Phucking Cheney wrote that letter.

You have Steny Hoyer calling up the Governor of Maryland for help. And, the Governor couldn’t get a response for 90 minutes 😡😡

That was all planned.

This was a coup attempt – period. And, they should be charged and arrested. Not just those who participated, but, those who funded it. Those who aided and abetted

This was a National Security breach of the highest order, and those who made it possible should be put in jail.



Really appreciate this on point essay:

They Weren’t Rioters, They Were Fascists. It Wasn’t an Insurrection, It Was a Coup.
America is Already Downplaying the Severity of the Historic Crisis of Sedition It Now Faces
umair haque
Jan 8 ·

It didn’t take very long. Maybe a few hours, at most. For a while there, American media and intellectuals were doing a good job: they were describing the events of the last 24 hours fairly accurately. The Capitol had been stormed by armed fascists, incited by the President. It was a coup. And that had been where Trumpism was always going to end. The President and his minions all had blood on their hands.

And then what Americans call “the narrative” emerged. Suddenly, the story was very different. It wasn’t a coup — it was an “insurrection.” They weren’t fascists — they were “agitators” and “rioters.” Domestic terrorism? Maybe, maybe not. After all, weren’t they just “rioters”?

Wait, what? Where did the real story go? How had American media dialled reality back, yet again, cowered from telling the truth, once more?
How did it do all that in unison, in concert? Who was pulling the strings of stupidity and denial?

The ugliest example of all this came from — who else — Ezra Klein. White liberals get mad, really mad, when I criticise Ezra, because he’s something like a saint to them. He can do no wrong. That’s because he’s spent years pandering to their biases and prejudices. That’s his schtick, his game, his con. What he isn’t is anything remotely resembling an intellectual. Hence, it took him less than 24 hours to plead on behalf of the fascists. They were weak, and therefore they were just hapless victims.

Sure, he cloaked this in wanting “full accountability.” But what is full accountability when you are a victim, and therefore not really responsible for your actions? Who on earth engages in special pleading for the fascists? Aren’t the real victims here the hundreds of thousands of Covid dead, the kids in cages, their moms and dads, the average American? What the? Ezra was one tiny, tiny step away from invoking the Nuremberg Defence — “I was just following orders” — for the fascists who stormed the Capitol.

That’s not a personal attack. Ezra engaged in what should be called foolish, ugly, impoverishing thinking. But he does that all the time. He does not know how to think. The problem is that he trains Americans who worship him to do just the same. Especially all those white liberals. He tells them they do not have to think. And so they never learn how to.

Ezra’s bizarre intercession on behalf of the fascists is just one tiny example of how quickly it all changed. How the American public sphere has already dialled down the truth of what happened, minimized it, leapt it into denial. The truth, it seems, is too painful and hard for them to handle. And I’d bet that there was a round of meeting that went something like this. “Hey, if you keep going on this way, you’re an alarmist. And we’ll have to admit we were wrong! We can’t do that.” Hence, the dialling down of the ugly reality of recent events from a blaring full-on alarm, to something more like a dull, dim din.

Let me explain why all that matters — because I’d bet if you’re a white liberal, you’re probably rolling your eyes right now, getting mad at me, about to splutter, “but all that’s just semantics!! What does it matter what we call stuff?!” Nothing, it turns out, matters more, because words which become concepts and ideas and laws and norms and codes are all our democracy really has in the end.
It wasn’t an insurrection. It was a coup. They weren’t rioters. They were fascists

.Please read the rest of it at the link above. Thank you Ametia for the hat tip.

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91 Responses to Open Thread | It Was A COUP Attempt! A C-O-U-P!!

  1. Liza says:

    This is funny.

    Apparently they’re going to do a COVID deep cleaning of the White House when Trump leaves. This is going to be a major cleaning. The Bidens won’t move in until it’s done.

    I think it’s about more than COVID, we can draw our own conclusions.

    • rikyrah says:

      Not only a deep cleaning
      But, every representative of the religions under the Democratic Party tent should be invited to do a blessing/prayer/blessing ceremony.
      I don’t care what religion- all are needed.

      And, no, I am not joking 😡😡

  2. Liza says:

    As more of these videos of the insurrection/coup came out, I think it really hit home that these terrorists meant to hurt people. They weren’t there just to trash the building.

    I thought about Nancy Pelosi. I think they would have tried to kill her had there been an opportunity.

    • Liza says:

      While the right wing terrorists were engaged in a coup at the Capitol, a coup incited by her husband, the Third Wife was having a photo shoot at the WH. Apparently she is going to create some kind of “coffee table book” about how she restored stuff in the WH. I don’t know exactly what she says she did, but apparently she thinks she’s Jackie Kennedy.

    • Liza says:

      So the Third Wife restored “furniture and rugs” in the WH?

      “I really don’t care, do u?”

      Wretched, horrible woman. But like I say, who would marry Trump, even for money?

    • Liza says:

      Every last one of these mofos should be fired and banned from law enforcement forever.

      That is police reform!

  3. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone😊😊😊

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