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Open Thread | It Was A COUP Attempt! A C-O-U-P!!

Let’s be absolutely clear on what happened on January 6th. The President of United States attempted a COUP against the duly elected future President of the United States. Period. Make no mistake. It was an inside job, full of aiders … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

Happy Monday, Everyone! ICYMI

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Sunday Open Thread


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Thursday Open Thread

The REAL monuments that tells America’s TRUE HISTORY. Thoughts on Confederate Statues from a Southern White Male Growing up in the South, I was told (and unfortunately believed) a number of things about the Confederacy. Of course, I heard the common … Continue reading

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Charlottesville: United Nations warns US over ‘alarming’ racism

A UN committee charged with tackling racism has issued an “early warning” over conditions in the US and urged the Trump administration to “unequivocally and unconditionally” reject discrimination. The warning specifically refers to events last week in Charlottesville, Virginia, where … Continue reading

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